a sad day in cougar town.

This weekend was a tough one. And for one reason alone. BYU lost to Utah. Now, I'm a Cougar fan. But I´m also a new one, so I'm not as extreme in this rivalry when it comes to the life-long fans who live and breathe college football. Fans like Landon.  I was asleep just after half time and was awoken by cries of despair after BYU missed their second chance at a field gold after the Utah fans stormed the field before they were supposed to.  That was a pretty uncomfortable ride home. I just played dead the whole way. I had to work yesterday, so I was gone by six and I got a call from Landon at 11:15 saying he had just woken up.  I have never seen him sleep past like, 9:30 before. And he sounded so sad. So to make him feel better, I decided we should make cup cakes when I got home. In my mind, I'm picturing these elegant works of art we are going to create in our kitchen. and what a bonding experience it would be. this is how it turned out.
it definitely took our mind off the upset of the game, but by no means the work of art we had hoped for.
the bottom right picture were my favorites. The pumpkin. the failed attempts of tye-dye. the one where I ran out of green frosting and did the rest with yellow. and the other orange one that is more frosting than cupcake.
It might take awhile to get over the heart break of the cougies going down hard-core, but at least we can drown ourselves in our mediocre cupcakes... I actually look for reasons to be able to do that.


  1. Stumbled upon your blog. LOVE!
    New follower. Follow me back via GFC?

  2. Hi! I found your blog via Deidre over at Love, The Skinnys. So glad I did! What an adorable blog. I love it, and I'm following now! You can expect me to be coming back. If you get a chance, feel free to stop by my blog and come see me! Thanks :)
    Brani Laine

  3. I'm sorry that your team lost. i feel the pain too. i'll definitely be super sad if my favorite football team lost. and when i say football, it means soccer in american-english.

  4. who CARES what they look like. it'll all taste the same once it goes down the pipes. i, for one, think they look uhmaze.

  5. So glad you found my blog so I could encounter yours. You are a riot, and I know we'd be good friends. Huzzah to being blog friends now! Also: "I just played dead the whole way." Hilarious! Very well-done; I would have done the same :)

    Now I'm off to keep stalking you.

  6. Cupcakes make everything better, period.


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