I have noticed lately that I have become more and more awkward.  I used to be a real "social butterfly." and now, I find myself just putting myself in positions where neither I nor the person I'm talking to know how to handle the conversation at hand.  Tonight, Landon and I went to the Macaroni Grill for dinner.  They leave crayons on the table so you can draw on it. For a place that charges so much, that kind of sounds a little... class-less. I dunno. But, class-less is my middle name, so of course I'm all over the crayon idea.  I started writing "Whitney loves Landon" but only got the the "Whitney loves" part before our waiter showed up. For reasons that are unknown, I got all weird about my love note and tried to cover it up with my hand.  Which didn't work.  So I tried using my whole arm, and then I realized I looked like I was sprawling out on the table and so I sit back up and just laugh as our waiter just kind of looked at me weird and was like, "I'm Keith." and writes his name next to my writing.  And I was all, "yeah...I was just writing a love me." and I draw an arrow pointing to me. Like, what? Who am I? Just write the note to your husband who is sitting next to you.  But no, that- clearly is absurd. 
and then it stared at me for the rest of the evening. saying, "you idiot."
and then I pointed it out to Landon how horribly awkward I was being and I expressed my concerns about making a fool of myself in front of the big dog of the company who is coming in for a visit this week. And Landon was all, "just don't do that thing where you mumble and cover your mouth." and I stare at him.  And I'm all, "I mumble?" and he's like, "sometimes...Oh and don't do that thing where you get all excited and you ramble on and on." And I'm just staring at him. "I ramble?" and Landon's like, "Well, I mean, I think it's cute..."  great.  So the plan is to stay in the corner and not speak when the big boss come to visit. 
My theory for my awkwardness these days is from my lack of socializing.  I just hang out with Landon. not that that is a bad thing.  But somehow he can decipher my mumbles and has learned to tune me out when I ramble. 

oh, and here is a picture I promised Alissa.
awkward little Whitney at Halloween. thought it was fitting for the season and also, I'm on this huge cat kick.  That's all I do when I get home is watch cat videos on youtube.
all this awkward is starting to make sense.


  1. YES! I love that picture!

    I'm holy awkward as well, so don't feel bad. And awkward coupled with sarcastic is a lethal combination. And I'm also jealous of your block letter skills.

  2. hahaha. I feel the same way! Sometimes when I'm talking, I have to stop and think "when did I get so freakin awkward?"
    Love the picture!

  3. It is not helpful that the mens in our life think the awkward is CUTE. They are setting us up for further failures.

  4. you do ramble don't you! it never dawned on me. bahahaha.

    but, you're hilarious. and you have big boobs. at the very least, one of those things (or both of them, in the case of the boobs) is bound to impress the big man.

  5. you should have started drawing obscene pictures. the ones with the big red circle with a line threw them. like a penis.

  6. There is nothing wrong with cat videos. Or loving yourself.


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