Blogger's Block

I totally wrote this post this morning and thought I published it two seconds before I ran out the door. and now I get home to find it didn't even go up. I was wondering why I wasn't hearing from you guys.  I thought, well, everyone hates me unanimously. ugh, I'm so annoyed with me.  so here it is. my lame-ass post I thought I posted this morning.

It's happening again.  From time to time I find myself with absolutely nothing to blog about.  And when that happens I know I always have my pinterest account to fall back on.  So perhaps I'll give you a goodie from each of my categories.  That should keep you busy and give me time to think of something mildly entertaining for tomorrow's post. So here it is...

it's twisted, yes. But I can't get over it. 

caramel apple cheesecake bars. the only thing that would make this more appealing to me is if it was deep fried. amiright? 

lace headbands. I want to learn to make them.  But who am I kidding. crafts just aren't my thing. I'd rather pay $5 at Urban Wear and save myself the humiliation and sense of defeat.

Future Home:
my life will not be complete until this is in my home.

it is my mission to find the leggings. and then to put them on and never take them off. never.

youtube video:

if the still make these, I'm buying them all.
ironic the black kid is Aqua Man.

I'm going through some storms right now.
I have to remember this, and when you feel like you can't stand anymore,
just hold on a little longer.
the rain might not stop, but it will become quiet enough, you can sleep.


  1. oh sweater leggings if i only had toothpics for legs i would wear them forever.

  2. I LOVE that lace headband!! Too bad those don't look so hot in blonde hair. Also, I feel like if I dyed my hair, I'd look vaguely like you!

  3. Oh god I couldn't stop laughing at that deer photo, does that make me a bad person?! Oh God.
    Ooooh my days that caramel apple cheesecake bar looks so good. Why have I never seen those around before?
    I'm in love with those leggings! Please do let us know if you do find them!

  4. Sometimes I hate blogging but I would never hate you. Whatever it is, hang in there. It will get better!


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