feeling let down

I saw this on the humor section on Pinterest last night...

I read it. and I'm all, "...nah...well?....NAH...." and then I jumped out of my bed and ran to my purse to grab my head phones. I absent mindedly picked "Blown Away" by Carrie Underwood, not realizing the subtle booger pun, as I shoved both ear buds in my nostrils and hit play with my mouth wide open.
I could hear the music. I could hear it and it was loud! I couldn't believe this awesome trick the internet had just taught me.
  And then I closed my mouth to expecting it to get quiet, you know. because the sound couldn't travel up my nasal cavities and go down my esophagus and come on out of my mouth.
but the music didn't get any quieter.
that was just the music coming out of the ear buds. not my mouth.
I was embarrassed. Even though I was home all by myself, no one was here to see how stupid I was. 
and I just sat there with [Landon's] ear buds in my nose, the cords hanging down my chin like a Chinese man's Fu Manchu,
hurt that the internet had mislead me so.

I looked just like him.
only he looks wise,
I looked like an imbecile.


  1. Hahaha, I would have tried this, too. I would have. How could you not?

    You should be him for Halloween!

  2. hahahahhahahaa, omg. Made my Thursday, thanks chica! ;)

  3. you look beautiful. and soooo sexy. and i want to try this. right now.

  4. Ahhh I'm crying laughing, this is hilarious! Loving your facial expressions.

  5. ahhahahhaha. I just found your blog, and I gotta say, you are AMAZING. I enjoyed this very much- too funny!

  6. The internet never lies! Thank you for this demonstration.

  7. You are WAY too funny! I probably would have tried it to if I saw it:) Thanks for sparing me the humiliation:) hahahaha

  8. HAH! I was totally sold. New follower.

  9. HAHAHA! Well we did learn one good thing from this experiment, people fall for it. Which puts you in the power seat to trick people at your next family reunion :)


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