if you're not my friend, it's safe to assume I hate you.

Some stupid horse-faced hags flipped me off on my way to class tonight, so I flipped them off back.  And they threw their arms in the air like I was the one being rude. I was driving down the road and they were waiting to cross the street.  I don't even understand why they flipped me off.  I'm still pissed.

I don't usually get so worked up about being given the bird. But Landon had just woken me up from a nap where I was having a dream about wearing a rich man's wife's pearls and using his house while wearing the world's softest robe.  And if waking me up from a dream like that wasn't bad enough, he made me go to class. So I'm grumpy.

I almost slammed on the brakes and slapped a hoe.  but if I had, I would have been late for class.

and when I've reached a low point in my day like this, I think to myself:

"at least I have my priorities in order."

before I go, just remember:
there it is.


  1. i am thoroughly convinced that is the problem with my job.

  2. i still don't have my shit together, btw.
    which is why i feel like you should have slapped a hoe.

  3. Horse faced hag? bahahaha. Totally my new phrase!

  4. If you slapped a hoe and got arrested, I would have bailed you out. If only people could hear what I say about them while I'm driving...I'd probably be shot.

  5. I LOVE flipping people off! A really old man angry-waved at me the other day for "cutting him off" which in fact I turned WAY ahead of time in front of him. He only got a free pass because of his age.

  6. This is part of my daily drive. Nothing new. I usually throw in a roll down the window with a SMD in there and I feel complete.

  7. I love that you flipped them off right back. I love how people think they can be rude and nasty but the second they get any of it back they can't take it hahaha my word.


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