nailed it.

If you don't follow me on instagram then you wouldn't know that I got my nails done yesterday. Ombre style. My nail technician totally talked me into it.  and I freaking love them.  On Monday, I chipped my index fingernail, only the gel though, not the actual nail.  The gal who does my nails told me that biting nails was an addiction. and I laughed, somewhat seeing her point, but I have spent more than my fair share around addicts and I didn't see that it could be that extreme. Until I stared at the exposed nail on my finger.  I felt like a crack addict staring at a syringe all ready to go.  It took every ounce of self control to wait til my appointment today without biting it off.  I feel like I need a medal or something.  Here is the fresh manicure though, I'm seriously in love with it.
(Landon doesn't like my radical ring.  and also he wasn't too impressed with my fish tail braid pony I rocked.  When I told him how difficult they were to do on yourself and demanded a compliment from him, he said he liked it cause it looked like a slinky.)
the golden tinsel stripes. to die for.
Landy came to the salon with me to get his hair cut. It was almost like a date. A really expensive one where we didn't hang out with each other. 
but look how sexy his hair came out.
it's kinda dark and he is mega annoyed that I am taking a picture of him right before bed.  I don't see what the problem is though.  I'm like his own personal paparazzi.  If anything he should be flattered.
But seeing Sexy Flanders with his new do made me jealous. So now I'm all set of doing something to my hair.  Being in the thresholds of Autumn, I feel the need to go darker.  But if you couldn't tell by the manicure, I'm stoked on this whole Ombre deal.
this is what I want:
probably not that dark though. and no matter how hard I wish on shooting stars, birthday cakes and dandelions, my hair will never be that long or that thick.  But we will work with what we have.
so yeah, I'm going for the dark brown melting to red.  My land-lady does hair, so I ran upstairs to consult her and ask her questions. Then we decided it wasn't a good idea to leave me alone with dye from Sally's and that she is going to take the reins on this one and do it for me.  Hopefully today. 
wish me luck. 


  1. Love the nails and the ring. All good choices.

    As a blonde, ombre hair is not happening. Actually, it is happening right now since my roots are halfway down my head. But, I'm getting that fixed tonight.

    But you should do that. And take lots of pictures!

  2. Ooo I'm all for the ombre! You will look sexy (er) and I love the nails! You must post pics when you get it done!!! :)

  3. I LOVE those nails and that hair! SO beautiful. If I could get those locks...oooh! I'd have all the boys. JK, I already have one. Only need one. I put your button on my blog, hope that's okay. Great post! :)

  4. i love the nails. but i also have ocd with nail polish color and want to change them every other day. WHICH IS WHY for the sake of my wallet, i leave them naked.

  5. I've never had a gel manicure! Who am I kidding, I never even get my nails done. Can't wait to see your hair!

  6. I bought an ombre scarf today and thought of you...I also love that hair color, love it!

  7. you are rockin the style here these days! you are bringing sexy back.

  8. that hair so fabulous. and i'm so jealous! i too am a nail biter. we shall unite.

  9. Ooo, good luck with the melting. I am thinking a new hairstyle is in my future too, probably involving bangs if I am brave enough. Gasp!


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