The Piano Guys

Landon and I went to see the Piano Guys last night with his family.  Who are the Piano Guys, you ask?
Here is one of my favorite videos of theirs:
I've idolized that piano player for most of my life.  And now he has joined forces with this mad genius cellist. They make the perfect team.  Go to their page on youtube and listen to all their music.  It's amazing.  Seriously.
I mean look at him, he plays the piano upside-down and with his toes. that's mad talent.
Sometimes, I wish I never had quit the piano.
I could be famous by now.


  1. There's still time to learn to play the piano with your toes - there is!

    I have a hard time walking a straight line, and this guy is rocking out with his pinky toe...

  2. that really is serious talent right there. i can't even play in the proper position.

  3. hey there! newest follower to your blog! WOW - what an amazing video.. omg. what a cool experience! cant wait to read more from ya and would love if you followed back!


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