Weekend Photo Dump

And another weekend has come and gone.  This one, while not nearly as eventful as last weekend, was still a ton of fun.  Friday I came home from work and cleaned. Hard core.  Landon was stoked that I finally accomplished some wifely duties and "rewarded" me by taking my to Iggy's Sports Grill for 2 1/2 hours to watch the Utah v. Utah State game. Because you know. We don't have tv. We felt obligated to tip our waiter extremely well for occupying his table for 3x the normal meal length as the game fell into overtime.  We came home and I went straight to bed.  Exhausted from trying to digest the massive food baby and cheering for teams I didn't really care about.
Saturday, we had our own game to go to. BYU against Weber.  It was a fun game.  And my awesome boss gave me the off so I could go to it with a bunch of friends.  It was at 1 o'clock which wouldn't be so bad usually, but Utah is having a hard time letting go of the summer temperatures and it was a scorcher.  Landon and I ended up hiking up to the top of the stadium to stand under a sliver of shade for the second half.
but it was still a lot of fun. and we won, so... 
After the game, we went to get some lunch with my best buds.
we are clearly very charismatic and have excellent table manors.
I seriously don't know what I would do without friends like them.
and the two on the left are getting married. mazel tov.
also, I tried my very first ever fried ice cream.
it had corn flakes on it. I wasn't disappointed.
I might have to make my way to the Utah State Fair where this year their big thing is fried green jello. 
cause you know us Mormons...we just love the green jello...
Yesterday we were up in Heber. For two reasons only.  We were promised (1) steak and (2) a pool. They had me at steak.
The temps were high again yesterday, so I probably spent 67% of the day swimming. with this hooligan.
We tried to do the dirty dancing move there at the end, but he just goes limp. Not the best dance partner. Swayze wouldn't have approved.
But apparently he doesn't need to be a good dancer to get in the pants of the girly dog across the street.  She mysteriously got preggo and just had her puppies who mysteriously look like the Shad Man.
They're the cutest little guys. Don't even have their wittle eyes opens yet.
The neighbors are getting a DNA test to see if Shadow is in fact, the father.  
such a womanizer.

and that was the weekend...


  1. What a pimp!!

    Fried ice cream is amazing. I've only had it one time, and that's not nearly enough.

  2. I've tried dancing with Tilly like that too and she just goes limp...no matter how many times we practice she can't nail the routine. Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. That puppy is so cute, it hurts. Darn puppies get me every time.

    Fried jello? How is that even possible?

  4. Even though you didn't really care, I hope you still cheered for USU ;).

  5. Now that I'm in the same time zone as you...I may still that puppy. He is way cute!

  6. Fried ice cream is what dreams are made of. Also, OMGPUPPY! You can mail it to me...?

  7. FRIED ICE CREAM. give it to me. and the puppy. give me all of it.


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