Happy Halloween: A Guest Post

Alrighty everyone, I have a special Halloween treat for you today! My lovely friend Brani has agreed to come guest post for me today.  I love this girl, because she teaches me how to be pretty. And she is just a doll herself. So without further ado, take it away Miss Laine.
A big hello to all of Whitney's followers! My name is Brani Laine and I blog over at That's Just Lovely... Somehow I bribed Whitney to guest blog for me (go read what she had to say when you're done here!), and even better, I bribed her (I gave her five pairs of boots and ten fall jackets) to let me borrow a li'l section of her bloggy wog. Oh, come now, I didn't really give her boots and jackets... or did I? Anyway, this is me:
 I blog about beauty, fashion, and life. Mostly beauty and life. I would adore you if you decided to check out my blog, and love you all the more if you decided you liked me enough to follow. Now on to what I've got to say that's more important...
 First and foremost, my thoughts are with everyone involved with Hurricane Sandy. My best friend in the world lives in NYC, and she can't even talk to me via text, email, anything. We don't go very long without speaking, so this is hard for me to not know what's going on with her, and all my other NYC/NJ/etc. friends and family. I only know what I see on the news, which is never good, as we all know. So, if you live there or by there, have friends or family there--my prayers are with you and them! I know the feeling of being worried sick.
Now, I want to move on to a lighter subject. I have a question to all the engaged/married ladies. I am not engaged. I hope to be in maybe 1-2 years, but I have it planned out a little bit how I want it to happen. I don't want it to be on Valentine's Day, Christmas, or my birthday (however, that is cute, and I'm not knockin' anyone who has done that. If my boyfriend does, I'll still say ____) but I don't want to be expecting it at all. I have a LOT of friends that seem to be getting married or proposed to lately, and hearing all of their stories is just so cute and makes me melt. How were you proposed to? Were you caught off guard? Take a look at this cute fall proposal:
Cute right? Or lame? I say cute. But you tell me! I want to hear your stories (you share, too, Whitney) and whether you cried, had pictures taken, were surprised or kind of expecting it, all that jazz. I think love is adorable and something to be cherished always. For all the single ladies, don't fret! There's a man out there for you, and yes, he will put a ring on it someday! I met mine on Match.com (though he still won't admit it to his friends, haha...ha?) after "giving up". I really thought all men were jerks and that I was better off being alone and just partying with my friends every night (what a great decision, right?). So, this is my unpaid (yeesh, why am I doing this?) shout-out to Match.com! Try it. You will go through some lame dates, some dates where you don't even know if you're interested or not, vice versa, some awful dates, but also some wonderful dates that may just lead to marriage. Hey--mine is (or so it seems, let's not jinx it) on the way there. We do live together... ;) Now share your stories! Happy Halloween! Have fun & be safe! Oh, and just in case you were wondering…here’s Brandon: (I know, right? ;)
So stop on by her blog and tell her hello.  After you tell us about your love stories. :) If you want to read my proposal story, go HERE.

Secret Recipe Handed Down for Generations

Ok, this is a little weird. I don't really do the recipe posts.  But I decided to  share this one with y'all in spirit of the storm raging on the East coast.  If anyone is in need of some snuggling up, getting cozy and eating some of the most delicious soup in the world, it's you guys.

This recipe is a secret family recipe that is not about to be so secret anymore.  It's my Grandma's famous Clam Chowder.  And it is to die for.

I even tried to take some pictures like professional food bloggers do. you go Glenn Coco.
ok, here is the recipe.

2 cans of minced clams (save the juice)
1 c. of diced potatoes
1/2 c. of chopped onions
1 c. of celery
2/3 c. of butter (this is comfort food people)
2/3 c. of flour
1 pint of half and half
1 pint of milk
1 1/2 tsp. of salt
1/2 tsp. of sugar
and a pinch of pepper.

and this is how you do it.
Gather your vegetables and chop them up until you have enough for what the recipe asks for.
put them all in a pan. Then, open the clams and drain the juice into the pan of vegetables.  Set the clams aside in a bowl for later.

If the clam juice doesn't cover the top of the vegetables, add just enough water to cover the rest.  You don't want a lot, just enough to make sure everything gets cooked.  Cover that pan and boil it until everything is tender.  While the veggies are cooking, in a separate pan, melt your butter.  Once it is melted add the flour and mix that all in.  Once that is smooth pour in the half and half and then the milk.  Make sure you are stirring the entire time.  just keep stirring. just keep stirring stirring stirring, what do we do? we stir, stir... ok back on track.  Now, you are going to want to stir the soup part until it is really thick.  You might think, "Ooh, this is the perfect consistency that I want my soup to be."  Well, keep stirring, because you are going to add the veggies along with all the clam juice and water so it's going to water it down.  So stir it til it's really thick.

Once you get to the thickness you want, and the vegetables are cooked, pour the entire contents of the other pan into the soup.  Dump in the clams and add the sugar, salt, pinch of pepper and mix her all up.

and you're good to go. You got a whopping pan of the world's yummiest soup.

Dish yourself up a bowl, grab a plate of croissants and go get caught up on Modern Family.  And try not to get swept away in the storm. I'm serious.

Photo Dump: Halloween Edition

Friday started off with Skyler and I having a contest of who could eat the most pieces of bubble gum.  We each ate 15, but he quit.  So I won. Also, I could have probably fit another fifteen in there.
I got home and proceeded to get ready for the Murder Mystery going down up at my friend Brant's house.
As I told you, Land Shark and I were cast as two super successful rockstars named Linda and Lenny.  But we told everyone to call us "L" and "Leo." And we spoke in Russell Brand type British accents the entire time. We acted completely wasted and I made a point to give out autographs with our band name and a creepy picture of me. (A random band name generator gave us the name Reborn Empire.  It was a toss up between that and Kentucky Revolution.)

When it was over and the mystery was solved, Leo and L were awarded best costume and best performer.  
My theory behind Leo winning best costume was because he stuffed a pair of socks in his pants.  I think the judges liked that one. Landon was completely comfortable in his outfit and has voiced the desire to start wearing eye liner on a daily basis.  If you ask him about that, he will deny it at all costs.
On Saturday, Landon had to go to work.  I spent my day off sleeping until noon and then taking two naps before Landon got home. I think I literally died for a couple hours. Also, I went to Arctic Circle because I didn't want to cook.  They gave me a complimentary cone while I waited.  It was the best free ice cream I had ever eaten.
My hand looks all contorted because I wanted to get my sick tatt in the photo.  I'm in the process of getting Landshark to give me the go ahead on getting a real tattoo. It's not going so well.  When he got home, we suited up for a party at his boss's house down in Salem.  That was a lot of fun too, Landon was yet again a favorite costume and everyone agrees he was born to be an 80's rockstar.

Things started to get a little out of hand and we had to call it quits before I ate an entire carton of deviled eggs by myself.  We were in bed by ten but not without a second trip to Arctic Circle.
Typical married couple move right there.  Also, I fell asleep before I took my make up off and now my entire half of the bed looks like KeSha rubbed her face all over the sheets.  Way to much glitter up in there.
And yesterday was spent up at the in-laws where I dedicated my entire stay trying to teach this one:
how to "shake." He would do it like, eight times in a row acting like he totally knew what was going on, then suddenly he was completely clueless.  Ah well.  There is always next time.

All in all, it was a completely successful weekend.  I can say that this has been the most fun I've had on Halloween in a really long time. 

Time to Party

Landon and I have our rockstar costumes. They are mega awesome and we look ridiculous.  We are practicing our bad British accents and getting ready to be famous for a night.  If you have band name suggestions...  I'm not going to show a preview of the costumes, but check out this gem I couldn't say no to while waiting in line at the Halloween store.

Though I feel like I am a little late to the hipster glasses and the mustache movement.  I felt it was a little over done. But this seemed too good to be true. I don't exactly know where I would ever wear them. But who cares. They were two bucks.

Happy Friday everyone! Be safe tonight.

Effective Ways to Choose What You Want For Lunch

I was a little late getting up this morning, but I was still going to make it to work on time until I ran out the door and this is what greeted me:
Now, I'm not upset about it. I love snow. But what I hate is the people who have lived in Utah all their lives, and still get surprised when it snows in October. And suddenly they forget how to drive. And I'm going a whopping 30 MPH on the interstate. Needless to say, I was late.
On the plus side, I got my nails done yesterday, and the gal did kind of a winter sweater design. I love it, but I was worried it might be a little too early for that kind of decor. But with the snow, I decided that I'm right in season.
It was pretty rainy yesterday so work was kind of slow and around 9:30 Skyler and I were trying to decide where to go to lunch.  We couldn't come to an agreement of where we wanted.  So we made a list.  We assigned each restaurant a number and then Skyler went into the garage next door that has a dart board.  Which ever number he hit meant we would go to the restaurant with that number.  He did it a few times and we didn't like the choices it kept giving us.  So he came back and we made a bracket.  Flipping a coin to decide who made it to the next round.  We finished the bracket and KFC was the winner.  We both agreed that wasn't where we wanted to go.  So we made a new bracket.
Panda Express was the winner.  But then Skyler and I decided that we really wanted Cafe Rio the entire time.  So when lunch came rolling around, we drove out to Cafe Rio. Got in line, got up to the front and the man asked us what we wanted, we looked at each other and said, "panda." and we walked away. Went back to the truck and drove to Panda Express.

So I guess in the end, the bracket worked. sort of.

Also, give me a shout out if it's snowing in your state.

Halloweens Past

I'm copying Alissa's post from yesterday. So what. She is officially my adopted sister as of 24 hours ago and what do sister's do? They wear each other's clothes. and in this case, blog posts. #justified

With all the Halloween parties going down this weekend, I thought I would post some of my previous costumes over the years. Just a warning- they have gone down hill drastically since I was in 7th grade.

Let's take it back to 2008.  My Freshman year of college.  I went back home and had a spur of the moment party with my besties and my costume was whatever I could find in our dress ups. Exhibit A:
 I just... I don't even know. Also, I am pretty sure we went trick or treating and sang Christmas Carols.  That's me being a really obnoxious Freshman.  That's why everyone hates them.

Ok, so 2009 comes rolling around. I was a Greek Goddess.  The main reason I dressed up was because we got the go ahead to wear our costumes to work.  Also, we went to UVU's dance that year. [it sucked] and when we got back I went into my room to realize I had been pranked. we are sitting on my bed  [which sat on cinder blocks so it was extra high] and the entire room is filled with newspaper. The process of removing that paper and the prank war itself are a great story for another time.

and at some other point that month, my roommate Lynlee and I dressed up like hookers. Which I don't think actually had to do with Halloween... I think we were just being obnoxious Sophomores. [Also, if anyone knows where I might acquire some boots like the ones I am wearing, I would appreciate the tip.  I think they would be great for my costume this year.]

We went to people's door asking for sugar. #whores

2010 hits, I'm with Landon. We didn't have huge plans so we decided to take his little bro trick or treating.  Landon was the Brawny Man and I was his "best friend."  Little to no effort went into those costumes.

And last year? We didn't even dress up. I think we got a huge bag of candy for trick or treaters and a grand total of 4 kids stopped by.  And we watched $5 horror movies we got at Wal-Mart and ate the rest of the candy.

But this year, we are having a Murder Mystery with the friends from the first picture and their spouses.  Landon and I have been cast as rockstars.  Which is why I need those boots.  Also, I want to be 7 feet taller than Landon. I was a beast wearing those puppies.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Family Matters

This is my little sister. She seems to have a special connection with forest creatures.
people call her Pocahontas. and now we all know why.

My brother?
He has a horse named Big Casino and he is a helicopter pilot.

and then there's me.
I blog and crowd surf on occassion.
between the three of us, we could probably accomplish any task given us.
and without the two of them, I probably wouldn't know what the heck my life is about.
even when you have nothing left, you still got your family.

notice anything different?

Welcome to the new layout! If you came here looking for "As Luck Would Have It" you are at the right place, just a few new changes! Go ahead, look around, take the new button and enjoy the new scenery.

oh, and if you like what you see and you're thinking about a face lift for your blog, get in touch with Sarah Darr at spantagdesigns.com.  She was amazing to work with and did a fantastic job.

Dear Weekenders...

So, Friday has finally come, though I don't really have room to complain about the week considering I sort of took a weekend int he middle of the week.  But I was on my deathbed, so it doens't really count as vacation.  But, I got a lot of plans this weekend starting tonight.  I'm linking up over at Love, The Skinnys about my weekend plans. and you should do the same.
Not really rules... because who follows rules on the weekend?!


Post a photo from last weekend [if you have one].
Tell us what you are looking forward to this weekend.
Grab a button for your blog.
Link up.
Celebrate in everyone's weekend plans
Well, as we all remember, last weekend consisted of the Cougies coming very close to beating Oregon State, and then didn't.
and we were sad. especially kayleigh. haha

This weekend suddenly exploded with plans last night.  My old roommate was supposed to get married tomorrow, so that was the plan, and then I literally found out last night that she postponed the wedding for a couple more weeks.  so glad someone told me...
Anyway, the second I told Land Shark our weekend was open, he called his mom and his brother and the weekend basically planned itself.
So I guess the weekend starts tonight:
-We are going out to the Uintah Basin to hang out with cousins.
-Saturday we are going to the Devil's Playground to ride dirt bikes during the day. That's right, the Devil's Playground. We're hard core.
-Saturday night we are going to the Basin's Haunted Corn Maze

[tangent: I am good with haunted houses, yes, they are scary, but you just stay on the path and bam you're outta there in 30 minutes.  Corn Mazes on the other hand stress me out just because you're lost for hours. It's cold, and dark and everything looks the same... then throw all the elements of a haunted house in there? I'm a freaking basket case. I've got anxiety just thinking about it.]

-On Sunday, we'll probably just hang out with the fam, enjoy the crisp fall air and have a relaxing day. Which I am particularly looking forward to. I'll probably need that after the corn maze.

Grab the button and link up!


Don't forget to link up at Love, The Skinnys and let us all know what you're up to!

When Facebook stalking just isn't enough...

Sick days don't leave me with a whole lot to do.

also, after making this I noticed that the bodies our heads are on are dudes.

sick days.

I think there is something going around.  I've been feeling kind of icky for the past couple days. Dizzy spells and feeling nauseous every now and then (and no, don't even ask. the answer is no. I'm not pregnant.) and last night it finally struck me down.  Sick days have never been a great experience for me.  When I was little, if I stayed home sick and it wasn't anything serious and my mom suspected me to be "faking" she would make me stay in my room.  And if I wanted to watch tv she would tell me, "if you feel good enough to watch tv then you feel good enough to vacuum the front room."  And I would rather go to school feeling mildly ill than stay home watching day time television and vacuuming.

But when I really was sick, my mom took excellent care of me. Soup, 7UP, crackers. The whole enchilada.  And that is what I'm missing most right now.  I could really go for some crackers.  Because I'm afraid anything else will destroy me.  And Landon is at work.  So that means I have to get up and drive myself to the store to get crackers. Being a sick grown up sucks.

So I'm going to go get my crackers and 7UP, wrap my self up in a blanket burrito and catch up with the Kardashians.  All while trying not to die.  It might be touch and go for awhile, but I think I'll make it.

and if you are feeling sick, here is something that might make you feel better, Land Shark tried on my bangs last night.
I think he looks like Lloyd Christmas on Dumb and Dumber.


so... I got bangs.

When Land shark came home, he called me a Russian Mail Order Bride. AKA he loves them.
ok, ok here's the truth: maybe I wasn't brave enough to actually chop that much of my hair off.  Alissa called me out on it yesterday on instagram.  They are in fact, clip in bangs.
Because A. I'm not ready to make that kind of commitment with bangs. and B. If I cut that much of my hair into bangs, I would probably look like one of the three stooges. and also have no hair left.
So look at me.  Stylin' without tryin'. boo yah.
I was feeling pretty good about it yesterday, and then I locked my keys in my car.
and my phone battery died. and lots of bad words were said.
I was stranded at Wal-Mart, Landon was up in Heber and at some point last week, the hide-a-key fell off the bottom of the car. So I went to the auto department and had them call the police for me. And a really grumpy cop came and broke into my car for me.
So all was well in the end.  
And mostly I'm still stoked about my cool new bangs that I can wear whenever I want. and not wear when I don't want to.  

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty lax. You know, didn't even go out on Friday because Land Shark had a cold. Saturday, well, Saturday was the BYU v Oregon State game. Which was way fun up until the 4th quarter where  we crashed and burned.  It was the first ever blackout game though which was pretty cool.  I bought this awesome blackout shirt from Scheels last weekend:
This was where I started trash talking Kelsey. ha 
lost all credibility 4 hours later.
Probably the best part of the game was when Kayleigh and I got photobombed by the dude sitting behind us.
I got him back later wearing my cougar head hat.
Land Shark got home from work mega depressed about the game, so we didn't go out. Also, he is still kind of sick.  But if he isn't better after all the rest he's gotten this weekend, then I don't know what will get him better.
Yesterday we headed up to my house in L-town to party with the fam. And by party I mean...
But seriously, once everyone woke up the sun had gone down we headed up to the park and played one ridiculously intense game of ultimate frisbee.  We only had one street light down the road to see each other with.  But the frisbee is a light up, so it was way fun.  Land Shark, my sister and I crushed the competition at a whopping 6-3.  
Whiped us out though.  I was so tired after.
it was a great weekend, as always. 
t minus five days til Friday.

P.S.  I can't be certain when this is taking effect, but I am redesigning the blog again.  (it's permanent this time, I swear) and the biggest change is going to be the title.  I'm taking down "As Luck Would Have It" and changing it to "The Middle of the Street."  Just so it matches the URL, you know... less confusion.  Don't know why I didn't do it that way in the first place.  Just a heads up though, so you don't get all confused or anything. :)

Not So Forgotten Memories

I kid you not, this is the 13th time I started this blog post. I have nothing on my mind.  So, I decided I would pull out my journal and find the last October 12 that I wrote about.  And this is what I found:
you're gonna die. I almost did. It's obnoxious it's so sugary sweet.

October 12, 2010

I'm in love! I know I've littered the pages of this journal with that false proclamation before, but it's true this time.  Landon J. Street is my one true love and I'm going to marry him one day.
Today is our 7 month anniversary!!

*side note: Landon and I celebrated each month anniversary. gave us an excuse to go on a nice date.  Roommates always made fun of us. Still not sorry.*

7 MONTHS!! Bah! I'm so giddy! I love him, I love him I LOVE HIM!

love, the Future Mrs. Street

Good thing I was writing about Landon and not some other dude. It would probably make this blog post more awkward than it already is.  Aside from the embarrassment of cracking open my last journal entry for the world, it's kind of cute. I am still so in love with him. Even though he fought me like a child last night when I was putting vapor rub on his chest so he could breathe through his nose. I had to kneel on his arms so he couldn't fight me off.  and he literally said to me, "it's making my nose water!" So maybe we've gone from celebrating month-iversaries to vapor rub, doesn't mean the romance has worn off.  It's actually 1,000 times better.

I remember how I felt when I first met him.  And how I felt when he FINALLY kissed me.  And how I felt when we celebrated our one month anniversary. and then our second. and then our seventh.  And then the day before our actual 1 year anniversary,  I remember how I felt when he sat me down in a park and read me a poem he wrote and pulled out my wedding ring.  

all those moments add up and equal today.  
a love I never imagined.
a friendship I've never experienced.
and a story that isn't even close to being over.

happy 2 years and 7 months of being together, Land Shark.

Just Some Thoughts...and tunes.

When I get sad or stressed or need a pep talk and I don't have someone around, I go to Pinterest. on the quote section.  
But you know what else Pinterest is good for?
Writer's Block.

ha. Ok. I may not have many original words of wisdom for today, but let me share with you my favorite tunes of the week.
(cause that's not corny at all...)
1. I and Love and You by the Avett Brothers
2. History by Matthew West
3. Break Down by Scars on 45
4. Moth's Wings by Passion Pit
5. Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
6. Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
7. Walk the Moon by Anna Sun
8. Murder in the City by the Avett Brothers
9. Young Blood by The Naked and the Famous
10. Tiptoe by Imagine Dragons
(claim to fame, Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons was my broseph's mission companion. NBD)
11. In the Dark of the Night by The Big Bad Wolf
(another claim to fame. Totally know these guys. love em to death. AND they are playing in Portland at the Howl Con THIS Saturday night. Monarch Hotel. Somebody go for me!)

So if nothing else, I gave you some inspiration, some kick balls music and something to do this Saturday night if you live in Portland.

good news, it's Friday Eve Eve.

If you see comments like this on my blog at anytime:
it's safe to assume that my family is bored at home.
and let's all just be thankful it's not another repeat of THIS.

In other news, my yard is being overtaken by these:
they are waiting for me everyday when I get home from work. The head count is up to 13 and I can't help but go and hold every single one.  I don't know where they are coming from, and I don't care. I couldn't have dreamed a more perfect life. 
and now I'm going to brag a little about a locket I'm about to buy.
freaking gorgeous, amiright?
dah! I'm so excited.
I don't have a lot to report this far into the week, but here is a shout out to all my bloggers:
I say this to Land Shark everyday.
but he is still jealous.
I love you all.
happy hump day.

a haunted house.

Last night my friend Shirelle hooked us all up with tickets to one of the biggest haunted houses in the state.  I think it's actually in the top 20 in the country.  It was super well done and scared the living piss out of me.  Basically the entire 45 minutes of the house I was latched onto Land Shark's back.  I am the perfect haunted house customer.  The haunters love me because I scream, and I cower and I freak the crap out.  It's the ones who act all smug and un-afraid that aren't any fun.
and even though Land Shark acts all brave, he screamed like a little lady when I spider dropped on his face. I had to loosen his corset after because he couldn't breathe.

Anyways, go to Nightmare on 13th if you're in Utah.  Seriously, it's the best it's ever been

Weekend Update

ok, so first off the weekend would be the BYU v. Utah State game.  Which was like Christmas for me.  We lost against our big rival a few weeks ago who lost to Utah State. Now Utah State had a bad taste in their mouth after last year's game where they were winning up until the last 11 seconds were we came in with a surprise touchdown and stole the win.  They have the best quarter back in the state this year hands down, so honestly, I thought we were done for.  But the Cougies prevailed once again.  At a final score of 6 to 3.  Very low scoring game. But BYU's defense is what kept those Aggies at bay.  Both are excellent teams and it was a great game to watch.
On Saturday, Landon had to work so I met my dad up in Draper because he bought Landon and me some beautiful new leather stools for our apartment. 
I love them. We went to lunch together and went shopping were he bought me some cute things for my birthday.
I may be slightly obsessed here...
When Landon got off work we spent the evening having a blast.
We went up to this new sporting goods store (more like small empire) called Scheels.  The place is HUGE! There is a freaking ferris wheel in it.  It was Land Shark's dream land.
After spend a couple hours there, we came back to Provo and had some foodage at Zupas and then caught the late show at Comedy Sportz.  Seriously, the best entertainment you can get in P-town.
Sunday, we went up to the in-law's house to watch General Conference.  Every six months instead of regular church, the leaders of our faith get together and have a two-day conference that is broadcasted all over the world. I call it jammy-church. Where we sit in our pajamas all day long eating food.
In between sessions, we played football and had our own Bocce Ball tournament.
And of course we spent the whole day playing with this dude.  Mr. Shadow has been pretty naughty lately.  His mama is on the verge of getting rid of him after he completely destroyed Land Shark's new headphones he ordered.  They didn't even make it out of the box. 
but how could you stay mad at this face?
and that was my weekend.  Hoping it gets me through the week.

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