a haunted house.

Last night my friend Shirelle hooked us all up with tickets to one of the biggest haunted houses in the state.  I think it's actually in the top 20 in the country.  It was super well done and scared the living piss out of me.  Basically the entire 45 minutes of the house I was latched onto Land Shark's back.  I am the perfect haunted house customer.  The haunters love me because I scream, and I cower and I freak the crap out.  It's the ones who act all smug and un-afraid that aren't any fun.
and even though Land Shark acts all brave, he screamed like a little lady when I spider dropped on his face. I had to loosen his corset after because he couldn't breathe.

Anyways, go to Nightmare on 13th if you're in Utah.  Seriously, it's the best it's ever been


  1. There is a haunted hayride near my house, but it's geared more towards kids.

    Oh, and it still scares the crap out of me.

    Come visit and we'll go? Okay.

  2. i went to the universal studios fright night one year and i will never ever ever never ever go again.


  3. I refuse to do haunted things. Unless someone gets a few xanax in me, then maybe I'd go.

  4. I don't do haunted houses. They scare the shit out of me. Really! I once bloodied a guys nose because he grabbed my ankle. Never went again. I leave this task to you

    1. Hahaha! I get way too scared, as well. :P

  5. Come to Orlando and we'll go to Halloween Horror Nights! It's zombie themed this year, but there's different themed haunted houses AND roller coasters. Ummm, yeah! :P


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