And we're back...

this pretty much sums up my weekend.

not really, a lot more happened than Mariah getting slammed in the face by my mom.
but you're going to have to come back tonight to hear the rest of it.

here's to making it through the Monday.
and if your day is crappy, just think how lucky you are that your mom doesn't beat you.
and if she does?
well, your life is sucks.
and you should probably call someone.


  1. Ohhhh boy...can't wait to hear that story...

  2. Ahhh thanks for the giggle! Loved it. :) can't wait to hear what happened!

  3. I'm commenting I'm my blog cause I'm cool.

    1. oh, look! you commented on your own blog post.

  4. Getting knocked in the face is never fun, but that picture sure is funny!

  5. Mom beatings are the shit. I mean why now have a whole wrestling match. Shit. I would beat my mom up just for making me wear hee haw pants for most of 1st grade

  6. It's later tonight...where is the rest of that story? :)


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