so... I got bangs.

When Land shark came home, he called me a Russian Mail Order Bride. AKA he loves them.
ok, ok here's the truth: maybe I wasn't brave enough to actually chop that much of my hair off.  Alissa called me out on it yesterday on instagram.  They are in fact, clip in bangs.
Because A. I'm not ready to make that kind of commitment with bangs. and B. If I cut that much of my hair into bangs, I would probably look like one of the three stooges. and also have no hair left.
So look at me.  Stylin' without tryin'. boo yah.
I was feeling pretty good about it yesterday, and then I locked my keys in my car.
and my phone battery died. and lots of bad words were said.
I was stranded at Wal-Mart, Landon was up in Heber and at some point last week, the hide-a-key fell off the bottom of the car. So I went to the auto department and had them call the police for me. And a really grumpy cop came and broke into my car for me.
So all was well in the end.  
And mostly I'm still stoked about my cool new bangs that I can wear whenever I want. and not wear when I don't want to.  


  1. I love the bangin' bangs! hahaha love that headband even more!

  2. I was right, I was right! I read an article about clip in bangs last week, but I have such a hard time matching my hair color to clip in hair pieces. Grrrr.

    That's an awful Walmart story. I've never used the hide-a-key but I've heard about them. I would've called AAA and spent all my money in Walmart while I waited.

  3. eeeeek, It must be trending- I just ordered mine yesterday! I think they look Hot!

  4. Too cute! Fake bangs are the best--no commitment! lol
    I had to pay a locksmith to break into my car once. I was very upset. Then I discovered my insurance policy would reimburse me for it!

  5. I think I shall call you Natasha from now!

  6. i am loving the russian mail order bride reference. hilarious.
    and i can't do bangs. they frustrate me too much. but i haven't tried clip on ones yet!

  7. did you color your hair too? because I want to color my hair and your color looks perfect. cutting bangs IS SO SCARY. I did it and then found out about these clip in wonders. Luckily husband likes the bangs even though I whine all day err day.

  8. Shut your face. I'm a little pissed that you pull fake hair off so well. So good right now! My real bangs never looked that good, hence the growing out phase.

    True story, there is a guy at my work named Heber. But it is pronounce He-Bear. Naturally.

  9. Hahaha Russian mail order bride. That's very clever! You totally had me fooled, they look so natural! I've tried bangs several times before but they are a lot of work, that's why I won't go back in the near future. But they do look very darling on you!

  10. Ummm, you had me fooled. I love them!!! They fit you well, so you should get them done...but then again, guess you don't have to. Where can I get myself some try on bangs? I don't think I could pull them off, but now I need to know. Sorry about the bad luck. It's a good thing you have an optimistic outview on life. :) xoxo

  11. Love those bangs! Who cares if they're clip-in, they totally look incredible. Rock them out, girl!

  12. I was just reminded of this. And I want these bangs.


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