Family Matters

This is my little sister. She seems to have a special connection with forest creatures.
people call her Pocahontas. and now we all know why.

My brother?
He has a horse named Big Casino and he is a helicopter pilot.

and then there's me.
I blog and crowd surf on occassion.
between the three of us, we could probably accomplish any task given us.
and without the two of them, I probably wouldn't know what the heck my life is about.
even when you have nothing left, you still got your family.


  1. that a pink Tech Vest you're wearing?

    I hope so. I really do.

    Can I be your adopted sister? Okay, good.

  2. Your siblings are so unique =). I think this is a good reminder, especially as I try to plan a wedding: When you have nobody else, you will always have your family to help. Love getting to hear more about your brother and sister!

  3. Aww your family is so cute! lol. Why in the world did he name his horse Big Casino?

  4. Oh I love you whit! And your family!

  5. Your sister is going to get RABIES! But she has great hair, so it evens out.

    Very sweet post :) Almost made me miss my sisters. Almost.

  6. So sweet! You have a gorgeous family!

  7. that top right picture? i laugh knowing what went behind that.

  8. Okay I LOVE your new blog layout!
    So cute!

    I just grabbed your button! YAY!



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