good news, it's Friday Eve Eve.

If you see comments like this on my blog at anytime:
it's safe to assume that my family is bored at home.
and let's all just be thankful it's not another repeat of THIS.

In other news, my yard is being overtaken by these:
they are waiting for me everyday when I get home from work. The head count is up to 13 and I can't help but go and hold every single one.  I don't know where they are coming from, and I don't care. I couldn't have dreamed a more perfect life. 
and now I'm going to brag a little about a locket I'm about to buy.
freaking gorgeous, amiright?
dah! I'm so excited.
I don't have a lot to report this far into the week, but here is a shout out to all my bloggers:
I say this to Land Shark everyday.
but he is still jealous.
I love you all.
happy hump day.


  1. Friday Eve Eve - I like the sound of that!

    I'm so confused/interested in these puppies. Are they just multiplying right before your eyes? Can you still send one to NY?

    And I love that locket - where did you find it?

  2. Ahhh good ol' Napolean Dynamite. Cracks my shit up. Lol.

  3. haha. How in the world did you end up with that many dogs?

  4. Oh my gosh, I would be in heaven if I came home to that many puppies in my yard :)

    I like the idea of Friday Eve Eve... it makes Wednesday seem not so bad :)

    Have a good day :)

  5. First of all, I love Friday Eve Eve. Secondly, I wish my yard was being overtaken by those things. Thirdly, I wish I had a yard. Why haven't we done a button swap yet, dear?

  6. I need one of those pups. Or even two. Can you ship to England?

  7. i should start posting anonymously and be a hater. i. will think about this. cute locket, by the way.


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