Halloweens Past

I'm copying Alissa's post from yesterday. So what. She is officially my adopted sister as of 24 hours ago and what do sister's do? They wear each other's clothes. and in this case, blog posts. #justified

With all the Halloween parties going down this weekend, I thought I would post some of my previous costumes over the years. Just a warning- they have gone down hill drastically since I was in 7th grade.

Let's take it back to 2008.  My Freshman year of college.  I went back home and had a spur of the moment party with my besties and my costume was whatever I could find in our dress ups. Exhibit A:
 I just... I don't even know. Also, I am pretty sure we went trick or treating and sang Christmas Carols.  That's me being a really obnoxious Freshman.  That's why everyone hates them.

Ok, so 2009 comes rolling around. I was a Greek Goddess.  The main reason I dressed up was because we got the go ahead to wear our costumes to work.  Also, we went to UVU's dance that year. [it sucked] and when we got back I went into my room to realize I had been pranked. we are sitting on my bed  [which sat on cinder blocks so it was extra high] and the entire room is filled with newspaper. The process of removing that paper and the prank war itself are a great story for another time.

and at some other point that month, my roommate Lynlee and I dressed up like hookers. Which I don't think actually had to do with Halloween... I think we were just being obnoxious Sophomores. [Also, if anyone knows where I might acquire some boots like the ones I am wearing, I would appreciate the tip.  I think they would be great for my costume this year.]

We went to people's door asking for sugar. #whores

2010 hits, I'm with Landon. We didn't have huge plans so we decided to take his little bro trick or treating.  Landon was the Brawny Man and I was his "best friend."  Little to no effort went into those costumes.

And last year? We didn't even dress up. I think we got a huge bag of candy for trick or treaters and a grand total of 4 kids stopped by.  And we watched $5 horror movies we got at Wal-Mart and ate the rest of the candy.

But this year, we are having a Murder Mystery with the friends from the first picture and their spouses.  Landon and I have been cast as rockstars.  Which is why I need those boots.  Also, I want to be 7 feet taller than Landon. I was a beast wearing those puppies.

What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. You're the 6 foot tall, leather jacket wearing, sister I've always wanted :)

    HOOKERS. I am dying. Those are great costumes, and the comment about the sugar put me over the edge.

    And the "best friend" dog mask you're wearing? I had one like that, except it was a cat face.

    So, now that we're sisters, when can I borrow that jacket I love so much?

  2. as i got to the end i was like, "man, she's gonna have a cool weekend. i never hang out with her on weekends anymore."

    then i realized i will be there.
    very exciting realization.

    also, those hooker boots would be legendary. baha.

  3. haha. These are great! So much better than mine! I love that you dressed up as hookers for the hell of it!

  4. I think Greek Goddess is a mandatory costume for all women at some point or another in their lives. Allegedly, we are going to one of Ammon's classmates' parties??? I don't know. I don't even have a costume right now. It could be interesting.

  5. Hookers, totally win. Those boots could kill someone. I would never get them off my cankles!

    I hate how newspaper feels. I would've died.

  6. I like that you admit you dressed up as hooker and not a sexy "insert generic costume here." I think I dressed up as a slutty cowgirl sophomore year aka a southern hooker.

    The facial expressions in the hooker pic are priceless.

    Alissa is coming over to pass out candy on Halloween, we'll save some sugar for you. (Since she's my sister in law, I think we're now distantly related? makes sense)


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