Happy Halloween: A Guest Post

Alrighty everyone, I have a special Halloween treat for you today! My lovely friend Brani has agreed to come guest post for me today.  I love this girl, because she teaches me how to be pretty. And she is just a doll herself. So without further ado, take it away Miss Laine.
A big hello to all of Whitney's followers! My name is Brani Laine and I blog over at That's Just Lovely... Somehow I bribed Whitney to guest blog for me (go read what she had to say when you're done here!), and even better, I bribed her (I gave her five pairs of boots and ten fall jackets) to let me borrow a li'l section of her bloggy wog. Oh, come now, I didn't really give her boots and jackets... or did I? Anyway, this is me:
 I blog about beauty, fashion, and life. Mostly beauty and life. I would adore you if you decided to check out my blog, and love you all the more if you decided you liked me enough to follow. Now on to what I've got to say that's more important...
 First and foremost, my thoughts are with everyone involved with Hurricane Sandy. My best friend in the world lives in NYC, and she can't even talk to me via text, email, anything. We don't go very long without speaking, so this is hard for me to not know what's going on with her, and all my other NYC/NJ/etc. friends and family. I only know what I see on the news, which is never good, as we all know. So, if you live there or by there, have friends or family there--my prayers are with you and them! I know the feeling of being worried sick.
Now, I want to move on to a lighter subject. I have a question to all the engaged/married ladies. I am not engaged. I hope to be in maybe 1-2 years, but I have it planned out a little bit how I want it to happen. I don't want it to be on Valentine's Day, Christmas, or my birthday (however, that is cute, and I'm not knockin' anyone who has done that. If my boyfriend does, I'll still say ____) but I don't want to be expecting it at all. I have a LOT of friends that seem to be getting married or proposed to lately, and hearing all of their stories is just so cute and makes me melt. How were you proposed to? Were you caught off guard? Take a look at this cute fall proposal:
Cute right? Or lame? I say cute. But you tell me! I want to hear your stories (you share, too, Whitney) and whether you cried, had pictures taken, were surprised or kind of expecting it, all that jazz. I think love is adorable and something to be cherished always. For all the single ladies, don't fret! There's a man out there for you, and yes, he will put a ring on it someday! I met mine on Match.com (though he still won't admit it to his friends, haha...ha?) after "giving up". I really thought all men were jerks and that I was better off being alone and just partying with my friends every night (what a great decision, right?). So, this is my unpaid (yeesh, why am I doing this?) shout-out to Match.com! Try it. You will go through some lame dates, some dates where you don't even know if you're interested or not, vice versa, some awful dates, but also some wonderful dates that may just lead to marriage. Hey--mine is (or so it seems, let's not jinx it) on the way there. We do live together... ;) Now share your stories! Happy Halloween! Have fun & be safe! Oh, and just in case you were wondering…here’s Brandon: (I know, right? ;)
So stop on by her blog and tell her hello.  After you tell us about your love stories. :) If you want to read my proposal story, go HERE.


  1. Well.... This blog post could not have come at a better time! I have a wonderful man in my life, and as of saturday I can call him my fiance! We have been talking marriage for a while and we knew it was going to happen so we started planning before actually being engaged. We custom designed the ring so it ended up taking a lot longer than he expected. Which was good cause I didn't expect it at all!
    Every year Bradey's family goes up to their cabin (which is up Logan canyon) and has dinner and carves pumpkins for halloween. We had been planning on this night for a few weeks. When we got there his mom was showing me around the cabin and took me to the fireplace where she said "this is actually the place Cordell proposed to me." Hint? Probably. Did I catch on? Not at all. So we had dinner and started to carve pumpkins when Bradey's sister asked "Hey Bradey, would you mind grabbing the two pumpkins I left in the back of your truck?" And Bradey's reply was "Ya, Kayla do you want to help me?" Of course I am a good little girlfriend and said yes.
    I honestly thought he was just taking me outside to steal a kiss or two but as we walked over to the truck I saw that someone already had a glowing pumpkin in the back of the truck. Still didn't catch on.... Bradey dropped the tailgate of the truck and thats when I saw MARRY ME glowing in the darkness. I froze thinking "oh my gosh he is proposing.... oh my gosh he is proposing...." And then he turned to me and told me how happy I make him, and how he wants to spend the rest of his life and eternity with me. (We think there were a few other things said but we both kinda froze and he forgot his speech and I was in shock so we cant remember exactly what was said!) He then got down on one knee held out the ring and said, "Kayla, will you marry me?" and I said "Absolutely yes!" I slipped the ring on kissed him and had tears of joy and shaking hands from all the excitement! His sister came out to snap a few pictures and since it was dark we re-inacted a few moments! It was SOO perfect and so special and SOOO surprising! I just wish their was a way I could preserve that pumpkin for life!

    1. OH MY GOSHHHH! That is the most adorable story ever. And yes, perfect timing with this post. :))))) Congratulations, Kayla! I love that his family was involved (I just find that so romantic for some reason; it must be hard for families to stay hush hush). It's so cute that you didn't catch on. Great story! May you two live happily ever after! xo

  2. this is adorable! you two are sweet to post for each other. :)

    1. p.s. i love your blog! new follower!

    2. Thanks for following my blog, too, Ragan! Coolest name ever, btw. And yeah, I would allow Whitney to post for me whenever. She's much funnier than I.


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