Photo Dump: Halloween Edition

Friday started off with Skyler and I having a contest of who could eat the most pieces of bubble gum.  We each ate 15, but he quit.  So I won. Also, I could have probably fit another fifteen in there.
I got home and proceeded to get ready for the Murder Mystery going down up at my friend Brant's house.
As I told you, Land Shark and I were cast as two super successful rockstars named Linda and Lenny.  But we told everyone to call us "L" and "Leo." And we spoke in Russell Brand type British accents the entire time. We acted completely wasted and I made a point to give out autographs with our band name and a creepy picture of me. (A random band name generator gave us the name Reborn Empire.  It was a toss up between that and Kentucky Revolution.)

When it was over and the mystery was solved, Leo and L were awarded best costume and best performer.  
My theory behind Leo winning best costume was because he stuffed a pair of socks in his pants.  I think the judges liked that one. Landon was completely comfortable in his outfit and has voiced the desire to start wearing eye liner on a daily basis.  If you ask him about that, he will deny it at all costs.
On Saturday, Landon had to go to work.  I spent my day off sleeping until noon and then taking two naps before Landon got home. I think I literally died for a couple hours. Also, I went to Arctic Circle because I didn't want to cook.  They gave me a complimentary cone while I waited.  It was the best free ice cream I had ever eaten.
My hand looks all contorted because I wanted to get my sick tatt in the photo.  I'm in the process of getting Landshark to give me the go ahead on getting a real tattoo. It's not going so well.  When he got home, we suited up for a party at his boss's house down in Salem.  That was a lot of fun too, Landon was yet again a favorite costume and everyone agrees he was born to be an 80's rockstar.

Things started to get a little out of hand and we had to call it quits before I ate an entire carton of deviled eggs by myself.  We were in bed by ten but not without a second trip to Arctic Circle.
Typical married couple move right there.  Also, I fell asleep before I took my make up off and now my entire half of the bed looks like KeSha rubbed her face all over the sheets.  Way to much glitter up in there.
And yesterday was spent up at the in-laws where I dedicated my entire stay trying to teach this one:
how to "shake." He would do it like, eight times in a row acting like he totally knew what was going on, then suddenly he was completely clueless.  Ah well.  There is always next time.

All in all, it was a completely successful weekend.  I can say that this has been the most fun I've had on Halloween in a really long time. 


  1. Great costumes! Looks like y'all had a very fun weekend!

  2. You two looked amazing. He really does rock the eyeliner well! I thought your tat was real, but you should totally make that happen.

  3. 1) loved the costumes. and the tattoo. and the hand placement of the ice cream so that we could see the tattoo.

    2) salem? were you in oregon? i'm going to pretend you were. and that we had arctic circle together.

    3) PUPPY. i want.

  4. Love the costumes and the adorable dog!! I just stumbled upon your blog! Great to meet you! Newest follower here! :) Happy Monday!

  5. Hahaha I love seeing how much gum I can fit in my mouth! And I thought I was the on,y weirdo who liked doing that haha!

  6. Besides you and Landon being adorbz, you guys have the cutest pup, as well! Ahhhh, I love him! Labradoodle or what?

  7. Your costumes were too good. Both of you looked legit. Really. And I am in love with your furry friend! What breed is he??

  8. Wow, y'all take you costumes very seriously! Way to be the best performer at the murder mystery, that takes some skill!


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