sick days.

I think there is something going around.  I've been feeling kind of icky for the past couple days. Dizzy spells and feeling nauseous every now and then (and no, don't even ask. the answer is no. I'm not pregnant.) and last night it finally struck me down.  Sick days have never been a great experience for me.  When I was little, if I stayed home sick and it wasn't anything serious and my mom suspected me to be "faking" she would make me stay in my room.  And if I wanted to watch tv she would tell me, "if you feel good enough to watch tv then you feel good enough to vacuum the front room."  And I would rather go to school feeling mildly ill than stay home watching day time television and vacuuming.

But when I really was sick, my mom took excellent care of me. Soup, 7UP, crackers. The whole enchilada.  And that is what I'm missing most right now.  I could really go for some crackers.  Because I'm afraid anything else will destroy me.  And Landon is at work.  So that means I have to get up and drive myself to the store to get crackers. Being a sick grown up sucks.

So I'm going to go get my crackers and 7UP, wrap my self up in a blanket burrito and catch up with the Kardashians.  All while trying not to die.  It might be touch and go for awhile, but I think I'll make it.

and if you are feeling sick, here is something that might make you feel better, Land Shark tried on my bangs last night.
I think he looks like Lloyd Christmas on Dumb and Dumber.


  1. He does look like Lloyd! Amazing!

    I hope you feel better - being a grown up does suck sometimes. I agree!

  2. hahah love the photo. Bummer you aren't feeling well. At least you can take a break and just relax. I totally miss my mom in those times too. Moms are the best!

  3. Holy crap. All the more reason to get clip on bangs. Feel better, sunshine!

  4. i am dying. i loved that he tried on your bangs. so hilarious. feel bettttter!

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Love that he tried on the bangs! lol

  6. Oh feel better soon! I'll tweet you some pictures of the motorcross race this weekend! xo


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