Toe Rings are STILL in!!

 I was going through the humor board on Pinterest the other day when I came across a link to "333 Reasons Why Being a 90's Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off" and I was laughing, remembering the good ol' days of scrunchies and Spice Girls...and then I got to Reason 118:

Reeeewind. Toe rings? A 90's fad? I do not think so.  Remember how I am doing P90x for Hawaii in T-minus 48 days? Well, I have also been shopping for said trip and one thing I am shopping for is a new toe ring.  
I was literally on THIS website two days ago checking out some really cute toe rings, this being my favorite:
Freaking adorable, amiright? and not in the least bit comparable to something from the 90's.
yes, I may have been wearing since the 90's. But I also had an Air Chair and like, six Furbys.  You don't see those still hanging around.
well, actually the Furbys have resurfaced and are currently sitting on the work bench in my parent's garage. Creepy little freaks...
What I am trying to say here is that, while I'm not a fashion blogger and I wouldn't be the one to consult considering color blocking and chambray shirts (that's Alissa's job), but I am POSITIVE this time, that toe rings are still "in."
Who says your toes don't deserve to get glammed up every once and awhile?
Especially to a trip to Hawaii?


  1. I sincerely hope toe rings are still in, because I LOVE them!!

  2. omg, furbies scare me :O those eyesssss!

    but i think toe rings are cool- i'd wear them, and i was a small child in the 90s!


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