Weekend Update

ok, so first off the weekend would be the BYU v. Utah State game.  Which was like Christmas for me.  We lost against our big rival a few weeks ago who lost to Utah State. Now Utah State had a bad taste in their mouth after last year's game where they were winning up until the last 11 seconds were we came in with a surprise touchdown and stole the win.  They have the best quarter back in the state this year hands down, so honestly, I thought we were done for.  But the Cougies prevailed once again.  At a final score of 6 to 3.  Very low scoring game. But BYU's defense is what kept those Aggies at bay.  Both are excellent teams and it was a great game to watch.
On Saturday, Landon had to work so I met my dad up in Draper because he bought Landon and me some beautiful new leather stools for our apartment. 
I love them. We went to lunch together and went shopping were he bought me some cute things for my birthday.
I may be slightly obsessed here...
When Landon got off work we spent the evening having a blast.
We went up to this new sporting goods store (more like small empire) called Scheels.  The place is HUGE! There is a freaking ferris wheel in it.  It was Land Shark's dream land.
After spend a couple hours there, we came back to Provo and had some foodage at Zupas and then caught the late show at Comedy Sportz.  Seriously, the best entertainment you can get in P-town.
Sunday, we went up to the in-law's house to watch General Conference.  Every six months instead of regular church, the leaders of our faith get together and have a two-day conference that is broadcasted all over the world. I call it jammy-church. Where we sit in our pajamas all day long eating food.
In between sessions, we played football and had our own Bocce Ball tournament.
And of course we spent the whole day playing with this dude.  Mr. Shadow has been pretty naughty lately.  His mama is on the verge of getting rid of him after he completely destroyed Land Shark's new headphones he ordered.  They didn't even make it out of the box. 
but how could you stay mad at this face?
and that was my weekend.  Hoping it gets me through the week.


  1. Cute dog. Cute dogs always wreck the most havoc on stuff! lol. It's because they know they're cute =)

  2. First off, your dog is adorable.
    Congratulations, I awarded you on my blog! :)
    Can't wait to read more!


  3. i will never understand scheels. who knew there was that many different kinds of sporting goods to fit into a building about the size of rhode island

  4. I would kiss that face over and over. After a minor spank spank of course.

  5. "Jammy-church" best explanation yet!! And I've never been to Sheels but it looks massive! Cant believe there's actually a ferris wheel in it!! And those chairs are super cute!

  6. I have a poodle.

  7. I'm a day late due to the holiday...I took it off from blogging!

    I take back what I said about still eating in bed - I LOVE THOSE STOOLS.

    Can I say that your bocce ball tournament made my weekend? It really did. I love that you played! Seriously, amazing.


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