Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty lax. You know, didn't even go out on Friday because Land Shark had a cold. Saturday, well, Saturday was the BYU v Oregon State game. Which was way fun up until the 4th quarter where  we crashed and burned.  It was the first ever blackout game though which was pretty cool.  I bought this awesome blackout shirt from Scheels last weekend:
This was where I started trash talking Kelsey. ha 
lost all credibility 4 hours later.
Probably the best part of the game was when Kayleigh and I got photobombed by the dude sitting behind us.
I got him back later wearing my cougar head hat.
Land Shark got home from work mega depressed about the game, so we didn't go out. Also, he is still kind of sick.  But if he isn't better after all the rest he's gotten this weekend, then I don't know what will get him better.
Yesterday we headed up to my house in L-town to party with the fam. And by party I mean...
But seriously, once everyone woke up the sun had gone down we headed up to the park and played one ridiculously intense game of ultimate frisbee.  We only had one street light down the road to see each other with.  But the frisbee is a light up, so it was way fun.  Land Shark, my sister and I crushed the competition at a whopping 6-3.  
Whiped us out though.  I was so tired after.
it was a great weekend, as always. 
t minus five days til Friday.

P.S.  I can't be certain when this is taking effect, but I am redesigning the blog again.  (it's permanent this time, I swear) and the biggest change is going to be the title.  I'm taking down "As Luck Would Have It" and changing it to "The Middle of the Street."  Just so it matches the URL, you know... less confusion.  Don't know why I didn't do it that way in the first place.  Just a heads up though, so you don't get all confused or anything. :)


  1. You are so cute in that little hat!

  2. That photo bomb is amazing. I can't stop laughing at it.

    I wish I was into college football, but I'm not :( Don't hate me!

  3. Best photobomb ever. I know nothing about college football, but your enthusiasm for it makes me happy :-)

  4. that's hilarious! i remember getting photobombed at a baseball in high school, and this is before i knew the term and i was sooo confused! i thought the guy that did it had invented it. looks like you had a relaxing weekend. i did, too! it was wonderful, considering next weekend will be the exact opposite.


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