You're all about to be jealous of me

because last night I got to go my first every blog party at the Awful Waffle. 
 I'd never been there before.  It's in Provo and ladies, it was heaven.
If you are in the neighborhood, seriously- go there.
I got a crepe. but not just any crepe. one that was cradling a perfect mixture of strawberries, Nutella and whipped cream.
and I got Frites.
pronounced [freets] they're like fries. and you dip them in mayo.
very European.
and two different pizzas. a BBQ chicken and a Greek.
had to put on my stretchy pants when I got home.
Delicious food.
decorations to die for
chalkboard walls/free advertising
and AWESOME new friends.
the Awful Waffle is my new favorite place.

annnnd, if y'all want to stalk my new [real life] friends:
then of course, since I'm such a social butterfly, I had another party to hit up after.  My bff JJ (who just got engaged to my other bff.) is almost 26. So we had a party at Good Wood. and since I got there late, I didn't get a picture of all of us.  But I got an excellently awkward one of JJ, Mike and me in the parking lot.
and now that I've had my fill of a social life, I can disappear for a week or so.


  1. so exciting! i've never been to a blog party before, and i always seem to miss them when they are in my area. looks like a lot of fun.
    new to your blog, i'm following now! :)

  2. No one has blog parties in NY. No one. Ever.

    Maybe I will have one and invite myself.

    Anyway, that food looks amazing, but I can't imagine dipping anything mayo. Sigh, mayo. We just don't get along.

    1. That's how I feel! I don't have any blogger friends in FL. Alissa, let's have a nationwide blogging party :) And also, I hate mayo, too. Sorry, Whitney. You're still awesome.

  3. First. So sad that we didn't get a photo together.
    Second. So glad I met you finally.
    Third. You are actually the cutest.

    New besties? Lets talk more next time. Haha.

    Love, The Skinnys

  4. I wanted to go to this so bad. Looks like it was delicious and loads of fun!

  5. Boo! Well, I am glad you & Deidre got to have fun, but I AM totally jealous that I couldn't be there. :( Can you guys have a blogger event in Florida now? We can go to Orlando and go to some theme parks! Yeahhh, I know you just got excited just thinking about that. Roller coasters fo lifeee! PS. Now that I have left a comment, I feel bad that I stalk your blog in silence anytime I don't comment. Because I totally do stalk your blog daily. I shall be commenting more! :)

  6. Don't ever say frites again. They are fries. I don't get it. Looks like so much fun though! Frites and all.

  7. i'm with alissa. mayo is disgusting. but its actually really good with fries. get that frite stuff OUT OF HERE (even though i enjoy saying it like a snob whenever i order them). and i know like four of the bloggers you met. and you bet i'm jealous.

  8. Hey Whitney! I'm sad I didn't get to talk to you last night! :( I was there also on the other side of the table! :) I am putting up a group picture tonight!

  9. ahhh, life as a famous person. its good to be on top!

  10. Thank you darling person for assisting in my blog stalking skills. You rock.

  11. So good to meet you at the blogger night. Thanks for putting everyone's blogs on here for us! You're amazing!


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