Hawaii: Yet Another Beach Day

We spent the ENTIRE day at the beach today.  We played in the water for about 5 hours straight.  And we weren't even body boarding.  Mostly just letting the waves push us around.  It was good though.  Lots of laughs. and lots of eating face in the sand.

One thing I am going to miss most about Hawaii? The beach waves I have finally achieved.  Back home if I want my hair to curl even a little bit, I have to load up on product.  But here, I just shower and head out the door and it magically does this all by itself:

 Like, where did this hair even come from?? I'm going to be double depressed when I get home and my hair is all flat and straight again.

And I'm going to miss just playing around with all these guys.

 Kenyon asked Landon to bury him.  This wasn't exactly what he had in mind.

 After about 4 hours playing in the ocean, I finally got trashed by a huge wave and got a little cut on my face from being dragged across the ocean floor.  I got out after that so I wouldn't attract sharks.  just kidding. (or am I?)

It gave me a chance to catch some rays and snap some pictures of these two goofs taking on the waves.
some of which were huge.  Landon stands at 6'4 and some of those suckers were twice his size.

 I like how you can see their bodies inside the wave.

We have been having so much fun here.  It's crazy that we are heading home tomorrow.  We're are not even close to being ready to leave.

Hawaii: Another Sunrise

Sorry, but I took more pictures of the sunrise again.  I get up every morning to watch it and this has been the best one since last time I posted pictures.  It's really wet here and rains almost every night, so I haven't been able to catch one without a ton of clouds in the way.

 Aloha everyone and have a beautiful day!

Hawaii: More Beaches

I can't remember the last time I was this sore.  It's pathetic.  If a horse was walking as badly as I am today, it would get shot to be put out if it's misery.  So the extent of our physical activity today was snorkeling at Tunnels Beach.  It was a beautiful day today, and I definitely got a lot of sun.  This air, and sun and salt water is doing WONDERS for my skin.  I could probably be in a make up commercial. We had a great time laying out on the beach and catching some rays and we saw some gorgeous fish while out snorkeling.

 Snorkeled with this sea turtle. got all up his grill and watched him eat off the coral.  Didn't touch him though. it's a whopping $10,000 fine if you get caught touching the turtles over here.
 This was a rock waayy up on top of the mountain that we thought was a shack.  Landon zoomed way up on it and we were somewhat disappointed when we realized it was a rock because we had this vision of some Hawaiian monk living in it.
 This is at Lumahai beach.  It's one of the most beautiful beaches in the Hawaiian islands but also the most deadly.  More people have died on this beach than any of the others on Kauai.  The surf there was huge and waves would just crash down right on top of each other.  It was gorgeous though.

 Like I said, these two are so stinkin' adorable.

 Some rope swings we want to hit up again tomorrow.  This was in the fresh water river that was draining into the ocean.

 These blossoms were falling off the trees and into the water.  so pretty.
We love looking at this waterfall draining all the way down the mountain.  We like to tease Kenyon and tell him that's the next waterfall we are going to hike to. He doesn't like to hear that. 

 Then we bought a fresh coconut from this guy.  He was way cool and after we bought the coconut, he insisted on taking pictures of us with it.  I didn't even have to ask. What a guy.

Turns out coconut milk just isn't my thing.  But it was fun to try. When we got home the sun had just gone down and the most spectacular full moon rose over the ocean.  I tried to get some pictures, but I couldn't quite capture the bright orange color it was putting off.  Seriously, I've never seen a moon like it.

It was another fantastic day here in Kauai.  We're bummed to be leaving in two days.  This whole "living in paradise" thing doesn't get old.

Hawaii: Kalalau Hike

I would have posted this last night for my family to catch up on, but I was busy throwing up and not being able to walk and all.  Yesterday we braved the 8 mile Kalalau hike.  it's two miles to the Na Pali beach and then another two up to a waterfall in the Hanakapi'ai Valley.  Now I am no hiker.  I told you in the last post that hiking brings out this side of me that you will never see otherwise.  Mostly an "I'm dying" side.  But I am proud to tell you that I only collapsed in despair once on the entire hike.  And it was on the way back.  This wasn't just a nature walk kind of hike.  It was hiking over huge, slippery rocks, sometimes on two foot wide trails with a drop to your death on one side.  I found this hiking stick hanging in a tree about half way through and I think it was a gift from God.  In fact, as I pulled it off the branch I am pretty sure I heard a voice say, "If you don't take this stick you will probably die. and by 'probably' I mean you will."  I wore my chacos which turned out to be a big mistake in the long run because they have zero arch support and I just got out of bed just now to pee and I basically had to crawl. I am so sore. And when we got to the waterfall, instead of eating like everyone else, Skyler and I ran and jumped in the pool under the waterfall.  So I didn't have a single thing to eat all day except some licorice.  My fault really, I wasn't hungry the entire day, but I am pretty sure that is the reason I was throwing up on the way home. My body thought I was going through severe dehydration and starvation or something, got pissed and then got even.  So while everyone else was eating home made stew, I was chowing down on saltine crackers and ginger ale. But I feel amazing this morning. (minus the not being able to walk thing.)

Now that I have gotten all of the complainy things out of me, I want to tell you how truly amazing this hike was.  The hike alone was so lush and green, trees and flowers and fruit everywhere. And I have never seen anything so breathtakingly gorgeous as that waterfall.  Definitely worth the 8 mile hike over treacherous rocks and mud.  We got to the top and just stood there in awe.  My old roommate Rosie was in Kauai a few months ago and she insisted we go on this hike so we did.  When we got to the beach at the half way mark, everyone was discussing whether we should turn around or keep going up to the waterfall.  And I said, "We HAVE to go to the waterfall!"  and they were all, "IT'S FOR THE BLOG!" which was half true, but mostly because I didn't want Rosie to find out we only got halfway.  So Rosie, if you're reading this, I hope your proud. I hiked in your honor. :)

Now for the part your waiting for: the pictures.

This was the sign right before the beach and it says, 

 Landon decided he had to make a rock stack bigger than all the rest.  He succeeded.

 First glimpse of the 300 foot waterfall.

That water we decided had to be a whopping 50 degrees. You just had to jump in and swim for your life to the other side because you literally could not breathe for the first minute.  Once you lost all your nerve endings though, it felt fine. The view you had floating on your back and looking up is one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen.

The hike back was the hard part, but we made it.  And I left my walking stick I found at the beginning of the trail next to the sign.  In case any bad hikers came along in need of an extra leg.
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