Because I've Lost Control

Me: what should I blog about?
Landon: the Presidential elec-
Me: no.

and by posting that conversation, I have contributed everything I would like to say on the election.

had a midterm last night.  too soon to tell if it destroyed me.  But basically this is what I'm feeling. and have been feeling for awhile now.

and that's about all I got for you today.  On the bright side, it's Wednesday which means Jenna Marbles is putting up a new video.  It's what usually gets me through my week.


  1. You like Jenna Marbles? How did I not know this about you before? Or maybe I did?

    See...I've lost my memory and control of my life.

    I'm sure you passed your midterm :)

  2. totally agree with that comic. except that at 4 am i am usually making blueberry muffins. just a personal favorite :)

  3. Awww, buck up, lil' camper! Hope you feel 'happier' soon :)

  4. I have woken up at 3 am all week for some reason it's a significant time for me it's a pain in my ass.

  5. a) Thank you for the Rugrats.
    b) I am right there too.
    c) Hopefully Thanksgiving will cure all ails. If it doesn't, we're only a few weeks to that glorious 2-3 weeks between semesters. Glorious.

  6. yep, going home to check out some Jenna Marbles!!! GAH I LOVE HER!!! the introdution to hiphop, or shit i didnt know about hiphop KILLED ME!!!


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