Behind the Scenes of a Perfect Romance

I hung out with my really great friend Jordyn yesterday, she is marrying Landon's best friend next month, so our entire conversations throughout the evening consisted solely of weddings.  I was getting so excited for her because love is the best thing ever and I spent a good proportion of the evening reminiscing our wedding.  When I got home, I found myself going through the wedding photos and our engagements just loving how adorable we are.  But then I got out of the edited folder and into the hundreds of attempts to get a good photo.
Now I feel like most bloggers are pretty concerned about making their love lives look perfect.  Like he is Prince Charming and she is Suzy Homemaker.  I am guilty of trying to make mine and Landon's marriage seem perfect, but it's not.  Even I was annoying me on Saturday with all my whining about how cold I was at the football game.  And Landon is really great and doing laundry and washing dishes, but he isn't so great at drying the dishes or folding the laundry or putting either away.  So to lift the veil of our magical, perfect world, I'm going to show you the awkward shots of our engagements.

it took these to finally get this:
and these:
before we captured this:

and lest we forget the dips gone wrong, the broken wrist, and the biker photo bomb:
probably out of the hundreds of photos we got maybe....25 good shots. We're awkward. But you know what? we had fun. And we still have fun.  So even though I can't do below freezing football games and Landon can't do dishes, we're happy.  
and what I wouldn't give to go back to THIS DAY one more time.


  1. These shots are so lovely! Some are so funny, love the bike photo bomb. I find it so annoying when something gets into a photo that shouldn't be there!
    Love the photo of Landon kissing you on the cheek :) you're such a gorgeous couple!

  2. The biker bomb photo has me cracking up at my desk!

    I love looking at outtakes from photo shoots. I can only imagine what you are saying to each other in these photos. Must have been hysterical.

  3. bahahahaha. Love these!
    My personal favorite is the broken wrist photo.

  4. amen sista! adorable pictures.

  5. It's a good thing to be awkward. I'm not sure I could adore you half as much if you weren't an awkward person.

    And you may have only gotten 25 good ones, but your good ones are pretty dang incredible.

  6. I think the best shots are the silly one's taken before you get the one you're after. I never delete them, I love looking over them all. Your wedding photos look so lovely, it looks like a perfect day x

  7. Good for you for showing the real stuff! Love these pics! The good and the bad! :)

  8. What a beautiful and inspiring blog post :) true love lives

  9. This is why I am sympathetic to fashion bloggers. A gazillion pictures to get 3 great shots. I like the one with your feets in the creek. So unusual yet fun.! I wuv you!

  10. You know, it's a wonder to me that we weren't better friends in High School. We are both such awkward and hilarious people. Tragedy really. Hm. At least now we can blog and insta and FB stalk each other.

  11. Imperfect, true love with someone who gets you and your flaws sure leaves the best feeling in the world to know you have found each other:)

  12. Aww the 'good' ones are awesome. The 'bad' ones are even better!


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