Giving Up my Vlogging V-Card

Guess what! I made a vlog. also, I am a complete spaz, but I figured if I got the first one out of the way, then it would be easier and less awkward the next time around.  annnd I apologize for how I tend to yell.  It's just how I talk, in my mind, I'm not yelling.
anyway....please be my friend still after you watch this.

Update*** it's morning so I got a photo of how snowy it is. and also one of me standing next to the pine tree that has strategically layed down in front of the gate to my home. trees are jerks.


  1. hahaha you kill me. "sorry i yelled at you earlier. accident." the best. i love the snow too! you should probably vlog more... k? awesome.

    xo, b.

  2. Love your voice! You're so cute! I died laughing when you dropped the laptop and started screaming.

  3. I'm doing this is I ever hit 1000 followers. I'm sooo shy, so it's a NIGHTMARE for me! congrats to yoooooou

  4. You and I really need to be real life friends. We totally vlog the same way, and I love that. We don't have your snow yet, but I hear that it's coming our way any hour now.

  5. sorry we can't be friends... jk! you are adorable!

  6. I finally got to watch this - yay!

    I'm proud of you...I'm so not brave enough to do a vlog. What would I talk about?? We haven't seen snow like that in NY in a couple of years. I kind of miss it...kind of.

    I love that you took us on a field trip. And that you dropped the laptop. And that you had TP by your head.

  7. I just now saw this, but I looove it. Your voice is perfect for vlogging! You gotta do it more often :) This is why I come here.

  8. I'm totally one of those people that forget how to drive in the snow. I get major anxiety if even a flake comes down. This year I'm excited for a big storm though bc last year was weak. PS I like your accent nail!


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