Guilty Pleasure: Level Cosmo

Fine. I'm a sucker for tabloids. We all are. Every blogger out there cares too much about what's going on in the lives of celebrities and trashy reality television.  Part of what makes us who we are.  But sometimes, the lines at the store are too short and I can't read everything I want to before it's time for me to check out. (first world problems)  Cosmo on the other hand is one I throw on the belt and keep in the bag until I can get home, get in my jammies and completely indulge in the celeb exclusives, perfume samplers and 75 sex secrets.
This month's issue has an article about the "20 Things for You to Do This Month."  Of course I'm curious, because as a young married adult in Provo Utah, I am limited to, as well as lack the desire to go out and do things.  We may or may not be in a rut at the moment.  Not a bad one.  Just a "he just bought a new video game and she has to blog before she goes to bed" kind of rut.  We'll get out of it.  Or at least find a way to accomplish both things and make it seem like we have a life too.
Anyway, here are the 20 things.  Or at least some.
1. "Do the Tree Thing."  I'm down with this.  After Thanksgiving of course.  I don't even know where our tree is at the moment and I'm too busy trying to get some new bathing suits for Hawaii in t-minus 15 days.  But the tree thing is so happening this month.

2. "Art Basel."  Don't even know- is that like, an art exhibit? Must be.  Don't think we have many of those around here.  So that probably isn't happening this month.

5. "Set sail With Coachella." a cruise to the Bahamas and Jamaica.... While I'm down with this, I'll just throw it into the Hawaii category. Check it off the list.  Because let's be honest.  Who goes to the Bahamas and Hawaii in the same month? oh. my nail tech does.  If I didn't love her so much, I'd hate her.

7. "December Reading List" There are three books on this list, but the one I am most interested in is "Portlandia: A Guide for Visitors"  Looks funny. I'd definitely read it.
10. "Give a Unique Holiday Card." instead of the usual greeting card, do a message in a bottle... Seems doable.  Cheap and easy. that's the way I like it.

12."Upgrade  Your Coffee Table"  We don't even have a coffee table.  So anything would be an upgrade right now. even a laundry basket turned upside down or something.  I'm sure Pinterest has got something for me in that department.

13. "Plan a Last Minute Trip to Sundance"  The film festival here in Utah.  We're kind of a big deal over here.  Went once, that's all I needed, but I'll be there for all the snowboarding I can get as soon as the snow flys. (aka tomorrow. holla.)

14. "Turn Your Friends into Cookies"  I almost didn't want to read the description under this one and just leave it at that.  But apparently at you can transform your instagram pics into cookies. 12 cookies for $36. Not a bad idea, I really might consider doing that one.

and this is where I was disappointed.  There were only 14 things to do this month in the article that specifically advertises 20 things. I paid $3.99 for this stupid magazine and they just ripped me off. 
At least I still have my 75 Late Night Sex secrets....


  1. Is he playing Halo 4? Or Assassin's Creed?

    Who writes these articles for Cosmo? I mean really...I wish I could take multiple vacations in a month, but that's not realistic!

    Psh, and some of those sex secrets aren't realistic either. Ouch.

  2. haha i love cosmo but sometimes I'm like what???? the sex secrets are just fun to read even if they aren't legit. my favorite was one where get your hair wet and let the drips fall on his chest. OH OK. not.

  3. You should just visit Portlandia for realz...problem solved but the book works too ;-)

  4. Haha, I love first world problems...I also suffer from the problem of not getting to read everything quick enough. You definitely should have just left it at 'Turn your friends into cookies'.

  5. omg I too was disappointed. I was hoping there would be 6 more things that I don't have time or money to do! Thanks Cosmo...FOR NOTHING!


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