Hawaii: Snorkeling and Puka Dogs

Today was pretty relaxed.  After yesterday, our bodies needed to recuperate.  We hung out by the pool for most of the morning and then headed to the West side of the island for some snorkeling.  We stopped on a little cove that didn't really qualify as a beach, but it was on a coral reef that had some pretty spectacular fish.  On the way though, we went through this gorgeous scenic route. And I made them pull over so I could get out and take pictures. Typical blogger.

 (the white stuff in my hair is conditioner. not gray hairs. this salt water is really taking it's toll on my hair.)

Watching these two together makes my tummy tickle.  They're so funny. Seriously.

We snorkeled and swam for a couple hours and decided to head to Poipu beach where our guide from the zodiac tour yesterday told us we needed to get our hands on some Puka Dogs.  On our way there, we stopped off to see the Spouting Horn.  It's this big hole in the rock where the water bursts out of in high tide.  But the waves were pretty calm when we were there so the big one wasn't doing much, but there was this little one off to the side that was giving us a show.

There were some little shops off to the side of the Spouting Horn lookout where we shopped around and drooled over pearl necklaces.  All the while chickens were running all around us.  But this wasn't just at the Spouting Horn.  These birds are ALL OVER the entire island. They are all wild too. Like rats in New York, these things are everywhere.

 We left the Spouting Horn and made our way to the resort shops where we found the golden Puka dogs.  And oh, were they heavenly. I got mine with Pineapple relish and Lilikoi mustard.

and after the Puka dogs, we promptly got a six scoop sampler of Papalini's Gelato Ice Cream.  After our splurge on cultural food, we headed back to Poipu beach to watch the sunset.

All in all, I would definitely call today another success.  We just got out of the hot tub and had a great dinner made by Kenyon and Skyler.  Their food of choice was chicken wings and pot stickers. Typical dinner special of a couple of bachelors.  It was delicious none the less. Tomorrow's adventures includes a hike (yikes! hiking literally brings out the worst in me, but I heard that I CANNOT miss this hike.) up to a waterfall.  Expect LOTS of pictures tomorrow. :)


  1. Wow! You guys look fabulous and the place is fantastic!!! I'm sure you had such a great time!
    That yellow & red goggles look great and with that hibiscus flower, you look awesome!!!
    Came here bloghopping... :)
    Do stop over my blog sometime and if you like do follow too! :)

  2. The first picture is awesome!! It's like a secret tropical garden pathway...or something like that. Either way, I'm jealous and have a great rest of your trip! I'll be checking for the hiking pictures tmrw.

    Hiking is prob my worst nightmare.

  3. I want to travel with you for the shared food experiences. You and I could totally be eating buddies.


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