Hawaii Trip: Arrival

The jet lag I am experiencing is ridiculous. Not because I am tired or whatever, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what time it is.  And my phone can't figure it out either. It's showing Provo time on the internal clock and on the external it shows Lihue time. Which isn't even where we are so that isn't the right time either. But I'm to the point where I'm like, "pff, I'm in Hawaii. who cares what time it is."  I was texting my mom earlier and she said she was going skiing today. Made me chuckle as I dug my feet deeper into the soft beach sand.
Anyway, my radical parents gave Landon and me our Christmas present early this year.  This mega awesome camera that I've been drooling over ever since I got a Costco card years ago.  So I've been snapping pictures like crazy.  I promised them I would keep them updated with the trip via the ol' blog. So just pretend like you guys are here with me. :)
I'm not going to lie, I was sitting in the airports yesterday, drooling over instapics of thanksgiving feasts and families and friends all together and I was pretty jealous.  Mostly because my legs were asleep and at some point in time Delta decided to stop serving meals to passengers in coach.  So my thanksgiving feast consisted of 20 bags of mini pretzels, who knows how many biscoff cookies and probably six cans of Coke Zero.
But then I got over it, when you know, we landed in HAWAII!
It was around 8 when we got to the condo, Landon and I walked down on the beach to watch the waves crashing in the moonlight.  It was very romantic.  But considering the twelve hours we had just spent on an airplane and also that it was almost midnight on our clocks we climbed into bed almost immediately.  But today we didn't waste anytime.  I woke up completely refreshed at 5:30 am, and Landon and I headed to Wal-Mart to see if there were any good deals left. But just as I called it, the place was a like a picked over carcass in the desert.  We didn't walk with much.  But when we got back everyone else was ready to go find food.  We found this fantastic little breakfast nook called Richies where we made up for missing Thanksgiving.
Landon got something called Moco Loco that was so good, and I'm not totally sure what was in it, but I know next time we go, that is what I am getting.  And I got banana pancakes in honor of Jack Johnson's song: Banana Pancakes.  Which I also played on my phone while I ate them. uhhmazing.
It wasn't long after breakfast that we were on the beach. and now I'm just going to photo dump you guys.

(Skyler dove face first into the ground. He swallowed a lot of salt water and got sand in his mask.)

(Kenyon found a crab. It pinched him.)

The grounds here are gorgeous as well.  I walked around and got some photos of the joint before it started to rain.  

Aloha everyone! Thanks again for the camera mom and dad! :)


  1. Hawaii looks stunning!! I've never been, it's on my hit list. Hope you're enjoying yourself in the warm weather, it's freezing here in KY!

  2. Banana Pancakes are my favorite. Yes, both the food and the song. They are both so, so good.


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