Hawaii: Yet Another Beach Day

We spent the ENTIRE day at the beach today.  We played in the water for about 5 hours straight.  And we weren't even body boarding.  Mostly just letting the waves push us around.  It was good though.  Lots of laughs. and lots of eating face in the sand.

One thing I am going to miss most about Hawaii? The beach waves I have finally achieved.  Back home if I want my hair to curl even a little bit, I have to load up on product.  But here, I just shower and head out the door and it magically does this all by itself:

 Like, where did this hair even come from?? I'm going to be double depressed when I get home and my hair is all flat and straight again.

And I'm going to miss just playing around with all these guys.

 Kenyon asked Landon to bury him.  This wasn't exactly what he had in mind.

 After about 4 hours playing in the ocean, I finally got trashed by a huge wave and got a little cut on my face from being dragged across the ocean floor.  I got out after that so I wouldn't attract sharks.  just kidding. (or am I?)

It gave me a chance to catch some rays and snap some pictures of these two goofs taking on the waves.
some of which were huge.  Landon stands at 6'4 and some of those suckers were twice his size.

 I like how you can see their bodies inside the wave.

We have been having so much fun here.  It's crazy that we are heading home tomorrow.  We're are not even close to being ready to leave.


  1. Ill finally admit, I'm jealous? Look at that scenery! And I love the hair! I wish mine would do that here. It's awesome!

  2. Holy crap, you are so tan! I'm so jealous!
    I wish I lived on a beach just so I wouldn't have to fix my hair. haha. I love beach waves!

  3. Memories to infinity and beyond!

  4. looks like a blast :) love the mermaid body, we used to do that at the beach growing up!

  5. I love how these pictures are edited! Looks way fun!


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