"I don't want any of your chicken... I'm full of cracker." -Shelise

Ok, well. For our epic Halloween night, we got all dressed up in our costumes again and met up with Skyler and his gal for dinner at the local Golden Coral.  We told them, "dress up!" and they showed up in normal clothes and rabbit ears.  We were pissed.  But we agreed to sit with them even though they sucked at Halloween.  Also, Skyler had to buy our dinner.  Because he owed us $37. now he only owes us $15.  $6 are accredited to me because he bribed me with it cash if I ate six packets of hot sauce from KFC yesterday.  So I did.  Wasn't even hot.  He was disappointed that he wasted $6 on me swallowing about 3 tablespoons of ketchup.

Also, I decided the best way to learn to walk in heels is to go to a buffet.  You have to walk if you want food.  Basically it was just another display of me being a hot mess almost dropping food everywhere.  But I definitely think I made an improvement as far as walking goes.  sort of.

As for today, I basically got nothing on the agenda.  Oh, except for a get together/bachelorette party for my old roommate/BFF who is getting married on Saturday.  I was thinking about all the good times I had with her over four years.  I was trying to think of a memory I could say, if we have one of those "share your favorite memory about Shelise" moments.  And out of the hundreds of weird things that happened in our apartment, I think my favorite moment was when she tried to hard boil an egg in the microwave.  We were both in the kitchen, she was making food, I was doing my dishes and not really paying attention to what she was doing and suddenly there was an explosion. Like, I thought America was under attack kind of explosion.  All that happened though was the microwave blew up. And blew the door open spraying egg shrapnel EVERYWHERE.  Scared. The. Hell. Out of us.

I swear we were cleaning up egg for like, a week after that.  Also, the microwave was fried.  And we had to call maintenance and tell them, "we don't know.... it just stopped working one day..." so we could get a new microwave.

I've been going through my old photos from my glory days with this goon and laughing to the point of almost throwing up.
Like that time I took her to Bear Lake with my family and there wasn't room on a snowmobile for us so we rode on sleds behind freezing our faces off. I can't look at that picture without dying.  And when we tried to stack all four of us on top of each other and a picture was taken right as we collapsed and Shel's knee went right into Nancy's back.  We laughed so hard even though Nancy was really hurt.

Or when she would make me go hiking even though I DID NOT want to. And then she made fun of how red my face was in this picture.  And we used to wrestle a lot too. It is unclear to this day who won.

We took a lot of really unattractive photos together too.  Because it's better to look ugly on purpose.  And one time I tried to tickle her until she peed her pants.  She ran into the bathroom and jumped in the tub and our other roommie Jenessa tried to help her by turning on the shower.  But I jumped out, only getting a little wet, but Shel was on her back, while the water showered down on her.  She was legitimately pissed and that was when Jenessa decided to never try to help again.

These are my best friends, people.  Spent more time with them than any of my friends in my whole life. I miss them so much, but I am so thankful I got to spend the best years of my life with them. Especially you, Shelise. :) Good Luck on Saturday.


  1. Uh-mazing photos. I love them. I want to hang out with you guys.

    I blew up 90 second rice in my microwave a few months ago. I know the exact noise you're talking about. I thought I was under attack, too.

  2. ohhh what a sweet post. and looks like you had an interesting/fun halloween!! haha!

  3. hot sauce isn't hot?! you must have tough taste buds. :)

  4. haha. Y'all look like so much fun! Also, I've never seen your wedding photos--love it!

  5. I don't like when people suck at Halloween. Did the heels work better for this time around? Bahahaha. You do look like so much fun! I wish we could be friends in real life. Makes me sad :( But happy I know you!

  6. This is so fun! :)
    Halloween with your besties. What could be better??

  7. You and your friends are hilarious. One of my co-workers exploded an egg in the work microwave once. It sucked.

    You were so pretty on your wedding day =). Have fun at the wedding this weekend!

  8. I imagined how the egg smelled and threw up a little bit.

    Such good times :)

  9. OMGosh this post made me laugh and long for my old college days when I hung out with buds like this! So fun! I'm your newest follower-I'd love you to visit and say hi :)


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