Just Some Weddings and a Punch in the Face

What did I do this weekend, you ask? Well, I spent it in the city.  At two different roommate's weddings.  I love weddings.  And I love that all my friends are married now. (Except Casey and JJ, but we're knocking them out next month) So no more weddings.  Friday night, we were at my old roommate Mandy's big shindig on top of the Zion's Bank tower, where we had the most gorgeous view of Salt Lake City, while enjoying probably the best crepes I've had since I was in Italy.

After the reception was over, we walked around the City Creek Center and Landon bought me a new charm for my slowly growing Pandora charm bracelet.  It's the snowflake one on the right.  Hoping we get lots of snow this winter.

And then Saturday, was Shelise's big day.  Where we pretended we were important enough to be her bridesmaids even though she didn't ask us.  According to Nancy and Katie, they took it a step further and planned their "bridesmaid" dresses.  But the initial shock and embarrassment on their faces when they first saw each other said otherwise. (granted, I don't have room to talk, because I wore the same outfit to both weddings. Figured I wasn't going to see any of the same people, might as well.  Forgot about the whole "my entire life ends up on my blog" thing.)
After the sealing in the temple, we waited outside for Shelise and Matt where they walked out as husband and wife.  And proceeded to make us take awkward photos on the steps.

It really was a magical day.  Landon met up with us for the end of the dinner and then to the reception. I won't go into the torture we suffered before the dinner started. All I will say is everyone had their salads and were chowing down except for us, because somehow the dinnerware at our tables was over-looked.  So we cleaned out the saltine cracker basket by the drink station and ate the centerpieces. and then finally broke down and started to eat our salads with our hands before we finally got utensils.  (it wasn't torture. we're really just pathetic.)

The reception was in a gorgeous little barn just outside the city.  I wish I would have gotten more pictures of it, but my phone died shortly after I got a photo of Landon and me by some really old doors.

The lighting was really dark, which is why it turned out so grainy.  But we thought the doors were awesome and also, we were looking super fly in our leather jackets.  Landon referred to us as, "a well-dressed biker gang."

Once the dancing started, we got down on the dance floor to Gangum Style and attempted to start a Congo line that consisted of Landon, Nancy, and me.  I think we got a 4th on there for a second, but he bailed when no one else was latching on.  It was so embarrassing, we had to leave promptly after.  Who knew the Congo line wasn't "in" anymore?  Not me.  I'll have to remember that when I start up my business as a professional partier.  (I will expand on this idea later this week, so stay tuned.)

Sunday, we hit up my mom's house.  Getting in the car to head up there I managed to make laptop-face contact and took a massive chunk out of my lip.  I probably cried. And looked like Queen Latifa for the rest of the day.

It was rough, but spending the afternoon watching home movies from the 90's and playing games with the fam made up for my disfigured face and new speech impediment.


  1. Ouuuuuch...that looks painful.

    Yay for weddings!
    Double yay for weddings that aren't mine!

  2. Looks like a blast! I love weddings =).

    Lip looks like ouchhhhhh!

  3. I'm loving that mustard yellow scarf! I've wanted one for the longest time, but am really scared it'll crash with my blonde hair.
    That looks painful!

  4. you're a pretty awesome queen latifah though. halloween costume for next year? laptop says yes.

  5. You are filling the wedding gap that I filled all summer, so thank you. Still rocking the bangs! I love!

  6. lovely sunglasses! and haha, no worries about the salad thing, that was basically me this weekend too xD (sometimes you're just that hungry...)

  7. I usually have the same 5 "fancy" outfits in rotation all the time, so wearing the same "fancy" outfit two days in a row only seems natural. I think it's awesome that 3 of you wore mustard to Shelise's wedding!

    Please become a professional partier. From Provo to Fort Collins is only a 10 hour drive, you could totally come party at my wedding next summer.

  8. I love you and you busted lip and I would have been in on the conga line and you have really great teeth. Okay, that's all for now.

  9. hahah whitney you crack me up. you wore the same outfit to both weddings, and its hilarious. welcome to my life everyday. you know. that life where you have lots of clothes but only one outfit is satisfying so you wear it everyday. yeah, livin it on the daily.

  10. Who doesn't love a good wedding?! And you got to enjoy two in one weekend! (oh and it's totally alright that you wore the same thing... I do it all the time, although, as a wedding planner, it pretty much just becomes my go-to work outfit!) Hope your lip is better! :)


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