Oh look, I have a fashion sense suddenly....

so, I'm not going to lie. I've been in a mega spendy mood as of late.  It's like my inner fashionista has finally decided to make an appearance. I don't know why it chose now because it's not like I can afford any major expenditures.  I'll blame it on Pinterest. Pinterest and all you fashion bloggers out there.  I have been getting all into the fall colors and the boots and even along the lines of this Chambray shirt:

With some red and mustard yellows which are my personal favorites right now.  But as you all know, I'm headed to Hawaii in less that 24 hours and may have spent over $150 on beach attire.  And I was scouring Pinterest for pieces like this:

I love love LOVE the beading and braiding. And I know it's supposed to just be a regular shirt, I want it reeeeallly bad for a swim suit cover up.  dah! It looks so beachy and comf! If only I hadn't dumped all my money on one order on Sunday, Land Shark might actually let this gem go with me this week.  If anyone wants to order it for me as an early Christmas present just mosey on over HERE and have it sent to Kauai. :) much as gracias.

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