this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I was pulled from dance lessons. this kind of public humiliation should only be used as a cruel and unusual punishment.  The sad part? I thought I was good. Even sadder? I still do.  But I watch these to remind myself to have some humility.

I'm sure there will be another thankful post today considering I will be in an airport for the day, but I hope these will entertain you until then.

love you poodles. happy thanksgiving.


  1. Oh Whitney, you were such an adorable little dancer! Even if you did forget a few of the steps ;-). Have a safe and fun trip, and a very happy Thanksgiving!

  2. the 'no need to stalk in silence' is perfection right now.
    i stumbled over here in from alissas blog and somehow now im finding myself knee deep in your posts and idk how i got here.
    but any who.. i never danced (thank god for being a shy unsocial child) but my sister sure did and i remember going to her recitals and thinking they were the shit.
    watching your videos is pretty much taking me back in time to her recitals.
    except now i have this jaded view of little kids dancing abilities thanks to dance moms and holy hell...theres just no words when you compare the two hahaha do those dance moms kids get injected with some kind of dance steriod while still in the womb?!


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