the Neighbor's Cat that (un)Offically is Now Mine

Stranger Cat came back to visit me today. This time I pet him outside for about five minutes and then I got up to go inside and he followed me down the stairs and through the door.  AKA we are best friends.

Look at that face. I'm in love with it.  I was asking my land lady about him and she said he belongs to the neighbors across the street.  (which means I can't technically claim him as my own. technically.)  I asked her if she knew his name and she didn't  So due to the spot that resembles a mustache I had begun calling him "Kitler."  I told my land lady that and she didn't know what to say.  She stood there for a second and was all, "Maybe you should use another name of someone with a mustache."  And the only person I could think of was Tom Selleck. So that is what we are calling him.  And I may or may not be plotting to kidnap Tom Selleck now.


  1. I love Kitler...that's a great name. But I'm wildly inappropriate like that.

    One of my cats follows me next door to my parent's house...waits outside for me...and then walks back to my house. I love him...he's like a dog.

  2. I love Tom Selleck! And I love that you're in the habit of claiming previously claimed cats. This is clearly a Hunger Games style competition, and the odds are ever in your favor. Win for Whitney.

  3. Kitler! Stop with that. You are brilliant.

    Tom Selleck is also brilliant. I think you should keep him.

  4. Good news. Cat is adorbs. Tom Selleck is a babe. (Old as he may be, i find him extremely attractive) I say keep him!


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