Wandering Thoughts and a Fainting Goat Named Voldemort

Pardon the two day hiatus I took from my blog.  The last few days I have had not a lot to say and also, I keep falling asleep at like 8:30 and I forget to write my posts.  But here are a few things that have been on my mind the past couple days:

This is mine and Landon's wedding rings on the day we got married:
and as of Wednesday, here is Landon's ring now:
That sucker is made of Tungsten and Ceramic, like two of the strongest metals for dude rings.  I bought it for him because he was working construction and I didn't want it to get banged up or broken. Well, he calls me Wednesday after work and was all, "Something horrible happened today." and he proceeded to tell me how he was moving 50-gallon drums of oil and one slipped and smashed his finger in-between anther one.  It hit right on his wedding ring.  He said if it hadn't been there it would have broken his finger right in half.  Also, if it had been any other metal, I think it would have pinched in and done even more damage instead of just breaking apart. I called the place we bought it from and they said they would replace it for free as long as we pay shipping.  I was stoked, because that was not a cheap ring.  But I am so glad that's the one I got for him.

Yesterday, Land Shark came home with our new Christmas stockings:
They're motorcycle boots. We are trying to decide if we are going to keep them because they were kind of expensive, but they are so freaking awesome. and he got mini ones that are Christmas tree ornaments.

And this was the talk of Utah facebookers yesterday.  And personally, the absolute highlite of my day:

Jes and Shannon, I thought you two might especially appreciate this one.

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. That's scary! I'm glad he was wearing his ring! Just tell him that your love protected him! hehehehee

  2. Jeez! How freaking scary. But it looks like love saved the day. Hahaha. Is that corny or what??

  3. Hey, goat boy... oh my gosh this really made the news? Ridiculous. I love how newscasters always use the "serious" voice when talking about the most hilarious stuff. Like it makes them a better journalist.

    Thank goodness Landon was wearing that ring! I can't think of a better reason to convince a ma to always, always wear their wedding bands.

  4. Its a good thing it hit Landon where his wedding ring, no good to have a broken finger. Happy that you get a new one for free. Brady lost his this last summer in our flower bed while he was gardening. It seriously just disappeared, we looked for it for quite awhile. Oh well its just a ring right? I like the stocking! Oh and I went sledding with the young women the other night and it really made me miss the good old days with you. Being on a sled with your little sis Mariah brought back so many memories. She is so cute and reminds me so much of you it was a little creepy.

  5. That stocking is so cool :) I just have one that I've had from my first Christmas with my name on it. That's so lucky that it hit his ring and not his finger!

  6. i am dying over voldemort here. DYING. i'm a little bit afraid of goats... but still, freakin funny.

    also, thank goodness he didn't get his finger ripped right off!!!

  7. Finally, Smithfield has something to report. ;)

  8. i missed that video because i can't watch it at work. and now i just watched it and i cannot handle it.


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