Weekend Photo Dump

Well just like the weatherman said, we got DUMPED on on Friday. As I mentioned in my vlog in my last post.  It was a winter wonderland, but getting home from work was quite a nightmare.  I'm just thankful I have such heavy duty tires on my truck.  They really came in handy because it was a mess.  But since we got off work so early, I went to lunch with Land Shark and got some husband time in the middle of the day.  I love it when that happens.

I went to the mall after I dropped him back off at work.  I didn't buy anything, but I was scoping out potential Christmas presents for the fam. He got home from work and we stayed inside despite many invites to go out and party.  The storm was still going strong and we didn't dare brave it.

Saturday, Landon gets up and starts getting ready for work and I start whining telling him to call in sick  so he could stay home and hang out with me.  (I hate that he has to work every Saturday.)  He told me to call up Nancy, Jenessa and Shelise (old roommates) and do something with them.  He left and I sat there thinking about if I should call them up.  Then in my mind I was all, Well, Shelise is still in Florida on her honeymoon...and that is why she can't go to JENESSA'S  BABY SHOWER!!   I called Nancy up and was all, "Chang! Is Ness's baby shower today??"  and she was like, "Oh my gosh, it totally is! It starts in like, an hour!" So we threw a gift together and ran out the door.  We made it thanks to Landon.
And she had the funnest little activity at the party.  We each got to decorate a onesie for the little baby.  Some girls were getting so dang creative! I was jealous and tried convincing them to decorate clothes for me. I made birds on a line.  And was literally done and then I decided to put eyes on the big red bird and the black bled all over it's face.  I was so depressed.

She is going to be such a fun little mommy! She took great care of me for four years.   After the shower, Nanchang and I went back to mall to do more Christmas shopping where the only thing I bought was two pairs of pants for myself.  I really need to tune into the Christmas spirit and stop being so selfish.  We got some lunch and ran into two of Landon's BFF's so they joined us for lunch and had us chime in with our opinions and fashion advice at the Gap.  Nanc had a soccer game to get to so we left and I walked in the door about five minutes before Landon got home from work.  He was so happy I managed to get out of the apartment and quit whining about being lonely.  But then I think he got mega jealous when he found out about how much fun I had.  We ate some dinner and hung out for a bit before we started getting ready for the world's coldest football game.  Maybe not the "world's" but definitely the coldest one I've ever been to.  I broke out the long underwear, plus snowboard socks, plus gloves, plus wool mittens, plus a beanie, plus a hoodie, plus a winter coat, plus my mustard scarf that I am way too attached to and plus two blankets.
And guess what. I was still freezing.  For some reason I thought that they were going to shovel the stadium. I dunno.  But we hiked up to the nosebleed section where the fans don't matter to find a foot of snow on our seats.  And the floor was so slippery, men had to hand me off to other men to make sure I got to my seat without falling down the entire stadium.  I'm confident I would be dead if they hadn't. or at least a broken back. Chivalry is not dead.  We managed to find a use for the snow though:

Kept our drinks nice and cold.  And then I accidentally opened mine before I let it calm down from being shaken badly.  I had to put it in my coat sleeve so I could get it into the game.  They have zero tolerance for sneaking food into the stadium.  But I'm a pro food smuggler.  Anyway, pop went all over the snow so essentially I made snow cones. But I didn't eat them because I couldn't get my hands out from under the blankets.  As you can see I was really trying to have a good time.

We left at half time because we were up by 40 points and had lost all feelings in our toes.  Sitting in a snow bank for two hours will do that to ya.
Somehow, over night I managed to turn into and 80 year old woman.  Don't ask me how, but I spent the day knitting and reading J.K. Rowling's new book.  Who am I?  It's the snow. It has to be.  It makes me want to be all cozy and nostalgic.  And what do I do when I'm feeling nostalgic? I knit and go on about the good ol' days.  Even though technically, I think I am still in the good ol' days.  Makes me wonder what I will be like when I'm actually 80 years old.  Wait, I can answer that.  Awesome.  I will be awesome because Alissa and I have agreed to shack up in the same nursing home and we all know that- has party written all over it.

how was your weekend?


  1. We will be awesome when we're 80, that's for sure. Actually, you'll be 80 and I'll be like...84. Gross, gross, gross.

    I can't believe you went to that football game - that is commitment! I have the heated seat on in Chris' car when it's 60 out. You're a trooper.

  2. I seriously cannot believe you went to that game. I would have tried to bring a portable space heater or something.

  3. I want to be in that nursing home. It sounds like my kind of party.

    For the record, if I were in your position, Ammon wouldn't have let me go to the game. I don't handle cold weather well, unless I'm inside and the heater is cranked. Seriously, we keep our apt at a minimum of 75 all of the time. Usually 80, and I still have a sweater on. So I give you mad props for going to a frozen football game with as little cold weather gear as you did manage.

  4. wow - you are a trooper! i can't handle a football game that is below 50 degrees, much less in the snow!

  5. I just shivered thinking about sitting in that much snow. And I appreciate your flawless lipstick in a snowbank. Commitment - you has it.

  6. Omg I perked up when I read that you knit! I thought I was the only one our age that knitted and yes, I feel grandma-ish when I'm cuddled up knitting away. I even find myself saying, "my fingers hurt" like in the Adam Sadler movie. I'm curious to know what you're knitting?!

  7. You are actually hilarious, I love your writing style. I'm so jealous of your weekend, that sounds like so much fun! Our weather is just cold and rainy, and icy really early in the morning when I have to drive to work, but no snow!


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