I Only Have One Resolution This Year

So, due to my lack of communication with my boss, turns out my 8 day vacay has turned to a 10 day vacay.  But I didn't know that until I drove 45 minutes to work in a blizzard and nobody was there. I mean that's great and everything, but Landon has been telling me the entire week there was NO WAY I'd have to work on New Year's or New Year's Eve.  So leaving this morning at 6:30, after I made my lunch and did my hair I was like, "I'll see you later." and Landon, even in his 90% unconscious state said, "Yeah, I'll see you at 8." And here I am, back on my couch at 8 am because I'm too embarrassed to get back in bed with my husband.  I will be nice to have two more days just to hang out with him though because last week I wish I could tell you I totally vegged out, but the truth is, I was a very busy chickee.  I don't even hardly feel like I got a whole week off work.  There was the whole Christmas thing and I had a whole lot of bridesmaiding to do and a painting pottery with my mom and sister.... and game nights with my old roommates... ok so really, I just hung out a lot with my friends.  And I am worn out. haha! But I'm really glad I got to see everybody, because I am a hermit these days where the only people who ever see me are my co-workers and Landon.  And of course Tom Selleck who has been hanging around my gate lately. And who stands up on his back legs so I will pet him.  Who doesn't want to hang out with that?
But seriously, Landon told me the other day one of his New Year's Resolutions was to see his friends more.  And I was like, "What? I'm not good enough for you?"  But after this week, I think I will have the same goal.  I didn't realize how much I took my girl friends for granted.  Though, to be honest, I don't feel totally deprived because I got my blog friends who I talk to all day every day. :) and you guys keep me sane.

But it has been decided, 2013 will be all about friendships. Old and new.
mazel tov.

Christmas Ain't Over Til Everyone Blogs About It.

Alrighty ladies, it's time to get my Christmas post out of the way.  Not that it's a chore, because my Christmas was amazing.  But blogging right now is somewhat a chore because I have a whole lot of laying in my bed and playing Roller Coaster Tycoon to do for the next eight hours. So, here we go.

Twas the night before Christmas and we had to go East
Because up in Heber, there waited a feast.
Landon packed all the presents in the car with care
and then a snow plow blasted slush in his hair
He yelled much profanity and shook his fist
then chased down the plow because he was pissed
He called me with the plate number intending to fire
and it must've worked because the snow on the road is just growing higher.
We made it up the canyon though conditions were crappy
and sat down to eat and that made us happy.
We read our Christmas book and played Christmas games
and I went to bed early because I am "lame."
We woke to the sunlight breaking through the blinds
and ran upstairs to find gifts of all kinds.

And now I'm going to stop rhyming, because my motivation to be thinking is diminishing by the second. But seriously, going back to the snow plow thing? Landon was just taking gifts to the car and this douche bag driver who was probably pissed he was working on Christmas Eve or something goes FLYING past Landon and completely leveled him with snow.  It pushed him inside the car and he calls me like, "I need you to write down this license plate number!!" He was SO mad. I underestimated what he meant when he said he was drenched, but when he got back, literally head to toe cover in slush.  Looking back now, it's making me laugh.  Don't tell him though because he is still mad about it.  He called the city and left a nasty message and the license plate number and our road hasn't been plowed since. So... yeah. It's like, "cool, maybe he got in trouble...now I can't get out of the drive way...."

Anyway, Christmas Eve was a lot of fun.  We spent it up at my in-law's and played Murderer in the Dark all night with all the lights out.  Not the most Christmas-y game, but whatevs, it was fun and terrifying all at the same time.  And now I'm just going to give you the pictures from Christmas.

 This was Christmas Eve Eve at my Grandma's house.  Where there was much mistletoeing and stuff.
 Even though we didn't spend Christmas at our apartment, we still had our little tree that I'm starting to like more and more and our stockings hung by the chimney with care.
 Skyler hooked us up with some awesome hats, and Land Shark and I think very similarly and got each other DC footwear.  Skyler says those boots make me look like a Russian stripper. Which- is what I was going for.
 For Land Shark's big present I got him the best Turtle Beach wireless headphones money could buy.  But I got them for like, over $175 cheaper than their regular price, but he doesn't know that in the second picture which is why his face is so stressed. ha! After I told him I got a screaming deal he ran downstairs to play with them.
 But first, the little romancer gave me my gift which was the most BEAUTIFUL strand of pearls I have ever seen.  He got them in Hawaii at the Spouting Horn.  And actually, I picked them out, and I kept saying I wanted them and he acted all not interested, but then when I walked away he hurried and bought them.  And I refuse to take them off now.
And the big present from Landon's mom was the renewing of our BYU football season tickets.  Which we are mega pumped for because their season next year has an AWESOME schedule.

At about noon, we headed North to my parent's house to spend the rest of the day up there.  I'm kicking myself now because I didn't get any pictures. :( We showed up after their Christmas morning had been spent, so we missed all the epic gift giving.  Though we still got spoiled.  My dad hooked us up with an Apple TV.  I had gotten one from my work this year, but I returned it to Best Buy which is part of how I got Landon's head phones for such a good deal.  So we were super stoked to get another and we love it.  We went to my Uncle's house to see my Grandma and give her her present.  We played with our little cousins who love Landon more than me and I think I ate a pound of Muddy Buddys.   After that party, we went straight to Les Mis.  Which, I can't even hardly speak about because it was so amazing. People keep saying, "oh it was good, but the singer's lacked training blah blah blah." They did not. And the whole thing was filmed live too, there was no lip syncing in that entire movie.  It was the greatest thing I have ever seen.

We got home from the movie around 10:00 and had a Christmas feast on paper plates. It was delicious and I was so glad I didn't have to drive home because I was in a major food coma after that.  We got back in bed by about 1 am where Landon and I dumped out our stockings on our bed and went through  the spoils.  He had an Apple Apps gift card for me so I could buy Roller Coaster Tycoon.  And that is all I have been doing since.  And that is what I'm going to go do now that I am done with my Christmas Blog Post.

Merry Christmas and Stuff

Landon and I were watching BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl last night (go Cougs) and on a commercial break he was all,
"So the world is supposed to end tomorrow..."
And I was like,
"Oh is it? Are you sure? I haven't heard anything about it."
and he was all,
and I was like,
"Will you tell me more about it?"

and the rest of the conversation went like this:

Even posting this conversation we had is annoying me.  There is not much left of this dead horse to beat.  On a brighter note, I accidentally saw my final grade last night and I passed with flying colors.  I usually wait until after the following semester to look at my final grades because if I don't look at them then I couldn't possibly have failed.  But I was trying to look up classes and it showed my G.E.'s and they were all green.  And I was like, "wait... that means.... AFTER 4 1/2 YEARS I FINALLY COMPLETED HALF OF MY EDUCATION?!" And even though that last sentence should have sent me into a spiraling depression, I proceeded to do a victory dance.  I will say, it definitely helped out the Code Black attitude I was in yesterday.
And today is even better because it's my last day of work until next year. And I'm done with all my Christmas shopping so basically I'm going to veg out for the next eight days. And then get started on my New Year's Resolutions.

also, this might be my last post for awhile.  You know, with Christmas being right around the corner. Lots of family parties and fudge eating ahead of me.  Typing might turn out to be too much of a chore. Or I might be blogging a ton because Landon will have to go back to work and I will have no car and no friends, so blogging might be all I have left.  What I'm trying to get at here is: I'll see ya when I see ya. And I love all of you and you are the wind beneath my wings.

Merry Christmas and all that stuff.

Good Mornings

this has been my morning routine as of late:
have my coco and read blogs while I wait to be called up to sample. everyone please take notice of my work cell phone there. real piece of work we got here. Also, Dwight from the Office has the same one. We are basically BFFs. The donut back there is not part of the routine. That- is because Land on promised me he would cook me dinner last night and then promptly fell asleep the moment he got home. I kept waiting for him to wake up and feed me, but he didn't. I went to bed at 9:30 without dinner and woke up hangry. (hungry AND angry) I'm over it now though. Just won't wait around for dinner anymore. I learned my lesson.

and Landy, if you're reading this baby, I still love you. But there better be another present under the tree with my name on it by the time I get home.

Throwback Whatever Day It Is...

Do you remember back in high school when dances were like, a huge deal?  Dress shopping, hair appointments, manicures, pedicures and finding the hottest dude with the least amount of acne to take you?  Well, I my Senior year, I found this dress that I wanted more than any other dress I'd ever laid my eyes on.  I begged and begged my mom to let me get it.  But it was a little more than she wanted to pay.  And I promised her if she bought it I would wear it to more than one dance and every opportunity I would get after that.  She didn't necessarily believe me.  But she bought it anyway.  And you can bet I held up my end of the deal.  Far out of high school and into college I wore that puppy. 

I wore it to Sweethearts and Prom, Senior year.
To the Black and White Honor's Ball.  Deni and I were considered the "rebels" in the Honor's program.  And to a Masquerade that two dudes on the freeway invited us to.
Then Landon's BFF took me to IHOP one night and he hand-made me a corsage out of a wilting rose and coat hanger.  And a few months later Landon took me to Tucanos.  I really got my money's worth out of that dress.  
And now I'm wondering where it's at because every time I go home, something else of mine has disappeared.  My mom is slowly converting my old room into a craft room and she is tired of holding onto all my crap.  But with all the places that dress has been, I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye.

Too Tired to Think of a Title

I'm in the process of recooperating from a four day weekend. And also I was up late last night putting the finishing touches on my Most Epic Secret Santa gift which will be going out today.  So Secret Santa, be excited because I'm proud of the creations you're getting.

Annnnd, that's all I would like to discuss for the day. Happy Monday, Poodles.


So I signed up to do this package swap over at Mrs. In the Making and I got so lucky to be paired up with the Mrs herself!  Autumn is one of my favorite bloggers and one of the first friends I made when I started getting into blogging.  So I was so excited to have her as my partner. And even more excited when her package came in the mail.  This swap's theme was Christmas ornaments and she hooked me up.
I can't even begin to decide which one is my favorite here.  Because that sassy red dress is so sassy I can barely handle it, but then on the other hand Autumn MADE the snowman with her own fingers.  Can you say, "one of a kind"? and when she is famous I can't even imagine how much it will be worth. :)  They are definitely on the important side of the tree.  Which would be the side that everyone can see when they walk up to the tree.

Thank you so much Autumn, my Charlie Brown Christmas tree is looking a lot better since you helped spruce him up. :)

Things That Make Me Smile

This week has been stressful for me due to my final I had last night.  But guess what.  It's done and over with and I'm breathing a sigh of relief as I dump hundreds of 3x5 cards with useless-to-me-now info into the trash.  And I can forget the ugly nightmares I had about spiders the size of soft balls biting me and turning my insides into spider webs and the horrible memorization tactics I was filling every crevice in my brain with.  And I can sit back and go to mindless websites without the impending doom hanging over my head.  And I thought I would share some things that made me smile this week.

1.  This picture I got at 12:12 am yesterday morning:
My mom and sister decided they needed to do something epic at 12:12 on 12/12/12.  But they were both going to be in school at 12:12 pm so they did it at 12:12 am.  Mariah decided whatever they were going to do needed to involve costumes.  They went to IHOP around midnight and my mom sent me the video of when the clock struck 12:12 and Mariah tore through the restaurant yelling, "USA! USA!"  And my mom had to follow her out with everyone staring.  And then they went to the park and set off a huge rocket.  
That is my family.  

2.  This video I found of a dog barking at a cat and then the cat gets tired of it and chases the dog and makes it scream like a little girl.  

The sheer terror in the animal's eyes gives me the greatest joy.  I could watch this all day and still laugh just as hard.

3. These pictures of cats:

4.  The fact that even though today is Thursday, it's like Friday for me because I don't have work tomorrow.  But I do have a work party.  And I have another work party tonight where we will be having cured duck.  Which I don't know what that tastes like, but everyone seems to be pretty sarcastically excited about it.  And we have a Customer Appreciation lunch today too.  AKA my work is buying my next three meals and giving me a Kindle Fire.  I'm feeling pretty good about that. Oh, and if you know of any good books, let me know.  I feel like I'm going to get a lot of reading over the break.

and last but not least: 5.  Pictures from when I was face timing my mom when I was in Hawaii.  I promised her these would never make it to the internet.  But, she reads my blog like, once every two weeks so she probably won't ever know that they made it.
Quick, everyone say nice things about her so I don't get in trouble. :)  (in her defense, it was like, midnight her time and she was cramming for finals as well.  only her finals are graphic design stuff.  Which apparently makes you feel like this.)

So yeah, I've been making my week out like it's been this horrible experience and I was crumbling into a sad pile of nothingness.  But it looks like it was better than I was letting myself believe.  

Just 13 More Hours

I was spending all afternoon yesterday cramming for my final tonight and texting Alissa about my favorite flavors of candy.  And I was accomplishing a lot.  I got all dressed for class and drove all the way to school to see that no one was in the classroom. And there was a group of people by my classroom door who stopped in the middle of their conversation to watch me stare blankly at the empty room and slowly turn around to do the walk of shame out of the building.  I called my mom to complain about how I had just wasted 30 minutes of prime cramming time.  She said to me, "How long have you been in college? And you don't know that there isn't class during finals week?" And then I justified myself in quitting school.  Because clearly I'm not getting any smarter.

but of course I'm not going to quit.  I've been going for 4 1/2 years. Can't back out now.

After my mom got done telling me about how stupid I am, she told me how she shut the door in my sister and the other neighborhood girl's faces in the middle of their Christmas caroling.  They had a plate of goodies and she just pretended to be on the phone and told them to "shh" and then closed the door and locked it.  Something about an object lesson or something.  She also said, "You should have seen your sister's face!"  How many of your mom's tell you you're stupid and then slam the door on your Christmas-caroling, treat-bringing sister?

Only joking.  That all happened, but I totally twisted the story to make her sound really mean.
But really, I'm the mean one.
I'll blame it on the finals.
I guarantee I'd be a way nicer person if I didn't sell my soul to Utah Valley University twice a year.
this is how I feel inside.
just 13 more hours...just 13 more hours...

Talk to Me on Thursday

After spending a sick day in bed, I decided to utilize my time and prepare for my final tomorrow.  AKA I went back and forth between Netflix and making 3x5 cards.  So when the actual test comes, I'll be completely practiced in old Family Guy episodes and somewhat aware of what is going on in my test.  And after a day of that, my brain is mush.  So I relied on Pinterest to express my feelings for you.

Just need to make it to Thursday....

Weekending: Christmas finally made it to my place

I was so happy when last week flew by and the weekend came before I knew it.  Though I am not as stoked that Saturday and Sunday went by just as quickly.  And then almost as soon as the clock struck midnight last night, my body turned on me.  I think I finally caught whatever is going around Blogland. Or maybe my sister's high school.  Whatever it is, it's trying to kill me.
At least I managed to get some hard core relaxing in and accomplished a lot as far as Christmas gifts and a certain Secret Santa present taken care of.  And we FINALLY got up our Christmas tree.  I made Land Shark a kick butt dinner and some coco to enjoy by our little Charlie Brown tree.
 I was especially excited to hang our Christmas ornament we got in Kauai.  It had a picture of a church we would drive by everyday on our way to Hanalei painted on it.  We hung it right on top.
And after the tree decorating I strapped on my Rudolph nose and drank more coco.

Then yesterday, Land Shark and I got to head up to Layton for a couple hours to see my fam.  My mom was able to snap some pictures of us for Christmas.  We had a lot of fun, but it was so dang cold.

Sorry bout that photo dump.  Hope y'all had a great weekend!  Only five more days until this weekend. 

Throwback Thursday: Christmas Edition

Ok, I've been saving this post for a few weeks now because it's the greatest thing I think my family has in our possession.  But I had to promise to give some background on this video to get the authority to post it.  This is from Christmas of 1999.  I was 9 1/2 years old and my mom wanted a picture of my brother, sister and me next to our Christmas tree.  Her real camera was out of commission so she was trying to get a still shot of us on her video camera.  But we are all very easily distracted by shiny things and for 4 minutes straight she cannot get a picture of us.  Also, my mom specifically requested to make sure everyone knows she isn't as mean as she sounds in the video.  Even though, she doesn't really sound mean.  You'd all be just as fed up with us if you were in the same position.

So here you are Blogland, my early Christmas gift to you:

Happy Throwback Thursday.  And yes Alissa, that is my pink Tech Vest.

Oh, and just so you know, we did achieve the picture:

Mariah could look a little happier, but other than that....nailed it!

I'm Wasting Time Getting an English Degree

So I was on my way home from class last night and Landon told me before I left to pick him up a treat on before I got back.  So I asked what he wanted and he asked for Sour Patch Kids.  So I stopped at the gas station by our home which is slowly being converted into a 7eleven (But we can't expect to have Slurpees until next April).  So I go in and everything is in a different place and I can't find Sour Patch Kids anywhere.  But I found the next best thing, the 7eleven brand.  I grabbed that and the knock off of Swedish fish as well.  I didn't notice the clever names of the knock off brands until I got home.
Red Fish. and Sour Gummies.
They really put a lot of thought into naming those. Way to got 7 Select.  This says one thing to me. And only one other time have I felt like this and it was when I was reading Twilight.  If I ever hit a low point in my life, I, as a writer can come up with complete mindless literature and make a living off it. Makes me wonder why I'm still in school when I could have a job that takes this little effort.  I actually admire the person who was responsible for naming Red Fish and Sour Gummies.  However, I do not hold the same respect for Stephanie Meyer.

I Hate the People Who Used to Live in our Apartment

so we live in a basement to a house, right? and it's always cool down here. We loved it during the summer but now that it's winter, it has been like, unbearably cold. Like, I'm sleeping with five blankets, socks, sweat pants and a hoodie. and I STILL have to snuggle up to Land Shark and suck out all his body heat.  Well, yesterday I was in our spare room with Landon trying to find my debit card that likes to wander out of my purse and I suddenly realized how warm it was in there. I was all, "we should move our bed in here. It's actually warm!" And then Landon was like, "remember in the summer when we first moved here and we had to take all the tape off the vent in our bedroom?" and I was all, "Yeah..." and he was like, "what if that wasn't all that was blocking the air off?" So we go in our room and look up the vent and there it was. A styrofoam box and a big rag blocking every nook and cranny in the heater vent.  I was pissed. I've been freezing my lady balls off every freaking night because the gal who lived her before me couldn't handle a little air blowing on her face?  So, now it is toasty warm in our bedroom and I'm so content.

Yesterday was also my first day back to work since the vacay. It wasn't as horrible as I was anticipating. because hello, my job is awesome.  But it sure wasn't waking up to a sunrise in Hawaii that's for sure.  I made a video of all the pictures from the trip.  Landon can't watch it without getting all teary eyed and sad.  He gets emotional at the weirdest times. Sure, he could pop a bullet in my head if I got all zombie-fied in the apocalypse without batting an eye, but watching a video of our awesome trip makes him get all blubbery.

Cara Box Reveal!

Ok, so due to my vacay to Kauai, I was a little late getting to open my Cara Box swap from my dear new friend Susan over at 2 Cats and Chloe.  We missed the link up, but we agreed to share our goods with you today.  The theme this month was "childhood" and boy did she nail it.
Ok from left to right we got 1.) a sweet little note from Susan, totally brightened my day. 2.) a box of Snuggle dryer sheets.  This is because we got talking about the Snuggle bear and how we always wanted one.  And then suddenly he got super creepy.  Made me laugh right out loud. 3.) Reeses.  My life long favorite candy. And she even splurged and got me king sized. You can bet your bottom dollar I did not share a single bite with Landon. 4.) Some Candyland bandaids. She totally shocked me with this one because I didn't even tell her that was my favorite board game as a kid. And I've already put them to use:
Coming home from Hawaii I managed to freaking slam my 48.9 pound suitcase directly on my toe, ripping half of the freshly pedicured nail off. Hurts like a mother, but I can say that the CandyLand bandaid helps immensely. 5.) my new official Blogging Giraffe.  Who I have been assigned to give an awesome name to. I have settled on Omalara.  The process on deciding on Omalara's name is sacred and cannot be discussed in such an open forum.  But I will have you know he is sitting on my nightstand next to me as I blog. (yes, I am also watching Office re-runs.)
6.) Freaking Silly Putty.  Susan, I don't think you know how much of my childhood completely relied on Silly Putty.  This will do wonders for me. You don't even know. 7.) Fruit Roll-Ups. did you hear me on that? FRUIT. ROLL. UPS. No matter how much I fought Landon off, I had to share them with him.  and same with 8.) Bubble Tape. I've never had so much fun with bubble gum.

I had SO much fun with Susan, getting to know her and talk over a few weeks.  She is such an awesome gal.  Be sure to stop on by her blog and say hello.  And if you want to get on board with the December Cara Box head on over to Wifessionals or click the link below:

Cara Box

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