So I signed up to do this package swap over at Mrs. In the Making and I got so lucky to be paired up with the Mrs herself!  Autumn is one of my favorite bloggers and one of the first friends I made when I started getting into blogging.  So I was so excited to have her as my partner. And even more excited when her package came in the mail.  This swap's theme was Christmas ornaments and she hooked me up.
I can't even begin to decide which one is my favorite here.  Because that sassy red dress is so sassy I can barely handle it, but then on the other hand Autumn MADE the snowman with her own fingers.  Can you say, "one of a kind"? and when she is famous I can't even imagine how much it will be worth. :)  They are definitely on the important side of the tree.  Which would be the side that everyone can see when they walk up to the tree.

Thank you so much Autumn, my Charlie Brown Christmas tree is looking a lot better since you helped spruce him up. :)


  1. That dress is awesome. Very sassy fabulous! How sweet of her to make you one! It's cute =)

  2. These are such lovely ornaments :) I love Christmas trees and decorating :)

  3. They're both super cute!! :)


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