Cara Box Reveal!

Ok, so due to my vacay to Kauai, I was a little late getting to open my Cara Box swap from my dear new friend Susan over at 2 Cats and Chloe.  We missed the link up, but we agreed to share our goods with you today.  The theme this month was "childhood" and boy did she nail it.
Ok from left to right we got 1.) a sweet little note from Susan, totally brightened my day. 2.) a box of Snuggle dryer sheets.  This is because we got talking about the Snuggle bear and how we always wanted one.  And then suddenly he got super creepy.  Made me laugh right out loud. 3.) Reeses.  My life long favorite candy. And she even splurged and got me king sized. You can bet your bottom dollar I did not share a single bite with Landon. 4.) Some Candyland bandaids. She totally shocked me with this one because I didn't even tell her that was my favorite board game as a kid. And I've already put them to use:
Coming home from Hawaii I managed to freaking slam my 48.9 pound suitcase directly on my toe, ripping half of the freshly pedicured nail off. Hurts like a mother, but I can say that the CandyLand bandaid helps immensely. 5.) my new official Blogging Giraffe.  Who I have been assigned to give an awesome name to. I have settled on Omalara.  The process on deciding on Omalara's name is sacred and cannot be discussed in such an open forum.  But I will have you know he is sitting on my nightstand next to me as I blog. (yes, I am also watching Office re-runs.)
6.) Freaking Silly Putty.  Susan, I don't think you know how much of my childhood completely relied on Silly Putty.  This will do wonders for me. You don't even know. 7.) Fruit Roll-Ups. did you hear me on that? FRUIT. ROLL. UPS. No matter how much I fought Landon off, I had to share them with him.  and same with 8.) Bubble Tape. I've never had so much fun with bubble gum.

I had SO much fun with Susan, getting to know her and talk over a few weeks.  She is such an awesome gal.  Be sure to stop on by her blog and say hello.  And if you want to get on board with the December Cara Box head on over to Wifessionals or click the link below:

Cara Box


  1. OH my gosh this is awesome. I am so glad you enjoyed all of the goodies! :) I just got my post up... girl, thank you soooo much for that blanket. It turned out to be the PERFECT travel blanket for my trip to Europe! Kept me warm all last night on the long flight here!

    This was so fun! We will stay in touch for sure! :)

  2. I am SOO glad you didn't show us your actual toe...eek! This is a super cut project, I may do this next month!

  3. I love Omalara. She is amazeballs, and I will be shocked if you ever have blogger-block again. Candyland is the best game. The only game that can come close to that level of awesome was Chutes and Ladders.

    There is no candy in the world better than Reese's. I am glad you agree on this point.

  4. SO FUN! Silly putty smells weird. And candyland was/is the best. I think it was the pretty artwork that made me love it. I wanted to live there.

    Your toe! EW! And also, ouch. Please don't ever take the bandaid off.

    Also, you should've named giraffe Tiffany. Obviously...


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