I'm Wasting Time Getting an English Degree

So I was on my way home from class last night and Landon told me before I left to pick him up a treat on before I got back.  So I asked what he wanted and he asked for Sour Patch Kids.  So I stopped at the gas station by our home which is slowly being converted into a 7eleven (But we can't expect to have Slurpees until next April).  So I go in and everything is in a different place and I can't find Sour Patch Kids anywhere.  But I found the next best thing, the 7eleven brand.  I grabbed that and the knock off of Swedish fish as well.  I didn't notice the clever names of the knock off brands until I got home.
Red Fish. and Sour Gummies.
They really put a lot of thought into naming those. Way to got 7 Select.  This says one thing to me. And only one other time have I felt like this and it was when I was reading Twilight.  If I ever hit a low point in my life, I, as a writer can come up with complete mindless literature and make a living off it. Makes me wonder why I'm still in school when I could have a job that takes this little effort.  I actually admire the person who was responsible for naming Red Fish and Sour Gummies.  However, I do not hold the same respect for Stephanie Meyer.


  1. She wrote the worst books ever. Lol. Let me write about a girl who has I character so that I don't really have to write anything. DUMB!

    As for the 7-11 guys, well they got paid really good for those names. Lol.

    What are you majoring in?

  2. hahahahahaha. Love the not-so-clever names!

  3. so what you're telling me is that we're both born on the same day and we both got english degrees? OH MY GERT!

  4. i didn't know you are an English major....me too! can we seriously just be twins? :)

  5. haha! totally agee. I'd still wat them.

  6. I actually felt angry with myself for wasting the time needed to read the twilight books. And in using the term book, I only mean that it was a bunch of words bound together. Not that it made sense, or was worthy of being read. It was neither of those things.

    Sorry Twi-hards. Try real books.


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