Just 13 More Hours

I was spending all afternoon yesterday cramming for my final tonight and texting Alissa about my favorite flavors of candy.  And I was accomplishing a lot.  I got all dressed for class and drove all the way to school to see that no one was in the classroom. And there was a group of people by my classroom door who stopped in the middle of their conversation to watch me stare blankly at the empty room and slowly turn around to do the walk of shame out of the building.  I called my mom to complain about how I had just wasted 30 minutes of prime cramming time.  She said to me, "How long have you been in college? And you don't know that there isn't class during finals week?" And then I justified myself in quitting school.  Because clearly I'm not getting any smarter.

but of course I'm not going to quit.  I've been going for 4 1/2 years. Can't back out now.

After my mom got done telling me about how stupid I am, she told me how she shut the door in my sister and the other neighborhood girl's faces in the middle of their Christmas caroling.  They had a plate of goodies and she just pretended to be on the phone and told them to "shh" and then closed the door and locked it.  Something about an object lesson or something.  She also said, "You should have seen your sister's face!"  How many of your mom's tell you you're stupid and then slam the door on your Christmas-caroling, treat-bringing sister?

Only joking.  That all happened, but I totally twisted the story to make her sound really mean.
But really, I'm the mean one.
I'll blame it on the finals.
I guarantee I'd be a way nicer person if I didn't sell my soul to Utah Valley University twice a year.
this is how I feel inside.
just 13 more hours...just 13 more hours...


  1. Your mom is amazing...that sounds like something I will do to my future children. I should take some notes.

    You're the grape to my sour apple. It just works.

    I almost said "You're the cherry..." but that sound really wrong.

    Good luck! Almost done!

  2. You got this. GOT IT.

    Your mom. I would do the same thing. Amazingness.

  3. you can do it!
    and really? no treats? what was she thinking? :O

  4. Hang in there!!!

    My grades are supposed to be posted today. I'm terrified.

  5. The fact that you showed up at class is hysterical. Are you a natural blonde?

    Can you teach me how to do those fancy pictures, gif? what are they called? They really capture the moment.


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