Talk to Me on Thursday

After spending a sick day in bed, I decided to utilize my time and prepare for my final tomorrow.  AKA I went back and forth between Netflix and making 3x5 cards.  So when the actual test comes, I'll be completely practiced in old Family Guy episodes and somewhat aware of what is going on in my test.  And after a day of that, my brain is mush.  So I relied on Pinterest to express my feelings for you.

Just need to make it to Thursday....


  1. hahahaha I needed this. Thank you. I will be finished on Thursday Morning.....but I think I may die before then.

  2. That last one is soooo true! Plus you are so dang tired, you are delusional! I remember in stats thinking wth am I doing? I don't know this stuff, why bother! I was the last student in the auditorium...the TA had to pry the test out of my hands!

  3. I have experienced that laughter. I don't miss college.


  4. I had a "sell your soul" kinda final this year. Bru-freakin'-tal. Hope your finals are going okay!


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