Things That Make Me Smile

This week has been stressful for me due to my final I had last night.  But guess what.  It's done and over with and I'm breathing a sigh of relief as I dump hundreds of 3x5 cards with useless-to-me-now info into the trash.  And I can forget the ugly nightmares I had about spiders the size of soft balls biting me and turning my insides into spider webs and the horrible memorization tactics I was filling every crevice in my brain with.  And I can sit back and go to mindless websites without the impending doom hanging over my head.  And I thought I would share some things that made me smile this week.

1.  This picture I got at 12:12 am yesterday morning:
My mom and sister decided they needed to do something epic at 12:12 on 12/12/12.  But they were both going to be in school at 12:12 pm so they did it at 12:12 am.  Mariah decided whatever they were going to do needed to involve costumes.  They went to IHOP around midnight and my mom sent me the video of when the clock struck 12:12 and Mariah tore through the restaurant yelling, "USA! USA!"  And my mom had to follow her out with everyone staring.  And then they went to the park and set off a huge rocket.  
That is my family.  

2.  This video I found of a dog barking at a cat and then the cat gets tired of it and chases the dog and makes it scream like a little girl.  

The sheer terror in the animal's eyes gives me the greatest joy.  I could watch this all day and still laugh just as hard.

3. These pictures of cats:

4.  The fact that even though today is Thursday, it's like Friday for me because I don't have work tomorrow.  But I do have a work party.  And I have another work party tonight where we will be having cured duck.  Which I don't know what that tastes like, but everyone seems to be pretty sarcastically excited about it.  And we have a Customer Appreciation lunch today too.  AKA my work is buying my next three meals and giving me a Kindle Fire.  I'm feeling pretty good about that. Oh, and if you know of any good books, let me know.  I feel like I'm going to get a lot of reading over the break.

and last but not least: 5.  Pictures from when I was face timing my mom when I was in Hawaii.  I promised her these would never make it to the internet.  But, she reads my blog like, once every two weeks so she probably won't ever know that they made it.
Quick, everyone say nice things about her so I don't get in trouble. :)  (in her defense, it was like, midnight her time and she was cramming for finals as well.  only her finals are graphic design stuff.  Which apparently makes you feel like this.)

So yeah, I've been making my week out like it's been this horrible experience and I was crumbling into a sad pile of nothingness.  But it looks like it was better than I was letting myself believe.  


  1. Just another few reasons why your mom is awesome. Seriously...the bunny ears? I can't get enough.

    Those cat pictures made literally made me lol at work. The "meh" ...I die. And I'm waiting for the day I come home from work and find Nico hanging in my closet like that.

    So glad you're done for the semester!

  2. I love your family. They're so much fun!!! Lol.

    Cat and dig video killed me. Omg that's hilarious. Dumb little dog. Lol. I'm still laughing.

  3. haha. Your family sounds just as awesome as you!

  4. haha okay you have an awesome family.
    dog video was hilarious!

  5. I love everything about this post. Crazy family and cats, sign me up!

  6. Your mom. She keeps getting cooler and cooler by with every blog post. I love her!

    That first cat picture is so damn amazing. I need to get j a dress like that. Also, how is your neighbor's cat that you accosted?

  7. Ok your mom seems hilarious! I want to be her friend! haha

  8. Those cat pictures. You need to do this with Tom Selleck. He will love you forever, I promise =).

    Your mom and sister are hilarious. And zany. My mother would never consider doing anything like that, she is far too "dignified". And she usually is dead to the world by 10:15pm, so that whole staying up until midnight only happens when my dad is snoring.

    Thank the Lord you and I are done with finals!

  9. Ha ha. I love your mom and I don't even know her.


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