Throwback Whatever Day It Is...

Do you remember back in high school when dances were like, a huge deal?  Dress shopping, hair appointments, manicures, pedicures and finding the hottest dude with the least amount of acne to take you?  Well, I my Senior year, I found this dress that I wanted more than any other dress I'd ever laid my eyes on.  I begged and begged my mom to let me get it.  But it was a little more than she wanted to pay.  And I promised her if she bought it I would wear it to more than one dance and every opportunity I would get after that.  She didn't necessarily believe me.  But she bought it anyway.  And you can bet I held up my end of the deal.  Far out of high school and into college I wore that puppy. 

I wore it to Sweethearts and Prom, Senior year.
To the Black and White Honor's Ball.  Deni and I were considered the "rebels" in the Honor's program.  And to a Masquerade that two dudes on the freeway invited us to.
Then Landon's BFF took me to IHOP one night and he hand-made me a corsage out of a wilting rose and coat hanger.  And a few months later Landon took me to Tucanos.  I really got my money's worth out of that dress.  
And now I'm wondering where it's at because every time I go home, something else of mine has disappeared.  My mom is slowly converting my old room into a craft room and she is tired of holding onto all my crap.  But with all the places that dress has been, I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye.


  1. You look like a Disney Princess...umm, I just Googled her. Tiana! You should Google her, too.

    Just the dress though...just the dress.

    My mom is still hanging on to my two prom dresses if you want me to send them to you :)

  2. haha. Wow, that is a bright dress! I love that you wore it on every occasion you possibly could. I'm kind of surprised you didn't wear it on your wedding day!

  3. You are simply a vision. I'm glad you got such good use out of it ;-)

  4. You definitely didn't lie to your mom! I used the whole "I'll wear it more than once" line a lot....but never followed through. You're so good. In my defense, your dress is gorg....all the ones I bought (that I "thought" were the best thing ever), ended up being the ugliest things ever.

  5. I have to ponder this dress and then think of your Halloween costume and think she really is a rock and roller. I love you Whitney! Because you are you!

  6. wait, freeway?

    I bet she got rid of it!


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