Thowback: Background Stories

So you know when you're with your friends and weird things happen? The time when inside jokes are born and it's usually around 2:30 am? And things like this happen?
Or these:

And then these pictures end up on Facebook and people looking at them are like, "how did that even come about?"  Well, in picture number one, Nancy drew a wiener on a cupcake, so I smashed it in her face.  Picture number two? That was just an epic game of iPod Idol.  Picture 3 has appeared on this blog before, but will go down in history as one of the most epic pictures of our apartment's history.  And it was all because we tried to stack all four of us on top of each other.  Please take a moment (even if you have before) to notice Nancy's face being smashed into the ground. And the last picture was the first time I ever really hung out with Nan Chang and Shelise.  And they did this really cool interchangeable handstand thing that looked so wrong in so many ways.  But I was impressed right away.  What I'm saying is, there is always a background story.  And last night, as I was surfing the web, I came across this video and I am wondering so hard how this little show came about.

I mean, you don't just one day walk up to a huge Samoan and start slapping his belly.  That's just asking for trouble.  I want to know so bad how this came to be.

So I Jinxed Myself

Yesterday, I made a comment to a co-worker along the lines of: "I think I'm going to make it out of this season without getting sick." Six hours later, I ate a piece of candy and when I swallowed it, I felt a hint of a sore throat.  I ran home, drank my weight in Emergen-C and had some Top Ramen, but it was to no avail. I woke up with a fever, chills, my tonsils are the size of softballs and I sound like Janis Joplin when I talk.

The moral of the story is:
There is such thing as a jinx.

or, it might have a little something to do with the air quality here. I mentioned earlier about the whole, "it's toxic" thing.  But after yesterday's storm, we finally got it cleared out of here. And boy did it make a difference.
Though it may have gone out with a vengeance and that is why I woke up feeling this way. 
Stupid poison air.

Moral of that story:
Poison air is stupid.

Or, it could be that simply every person around here has some sort of sickness and my body's immune system simply couldn't fight it anymore.

Moral of that story:
Poison air is stupid.

Afternoon Delight

This weekend was epic.  Starting off with a Friday night tournament of Laser Tag.  That's a big deal with the Street family.  That all started because of Barney on How I Met Your Mother.  Oh Neil Patrick Harris, if only you knew how you influenced my husband and his friends....

Landon prides himself in always taking first place in every game, while I strive to stay alive against the little eight year olds we are up against.  But this time, while I didn't have the highest score, I did manage to swing highest accuracy. What up?

Saturday was a whole different adventure.  Because while Landon was at work, my friend Jordyn and I were trying to figure out what to do with our day.  The original plan was to go indoor surfing, but then the place was closed for maintenance and then Jordyn mentioned that her husband was taking his son skiing and I was all, "well, let's go with them!" But she had never been skiing or snowboarding or what have you and was like, "well, I want to go, but I don't have any gear or anything."  So being the gracious friend I am, I offered her all of my gear and I would just use Landon's since he couldn't come.  Totally worked out, minus the board being about four inches too long for her, but she powered through like a champ.  And she totally looked adorable in all my snow clothes.  We were only doing the afternoon ride which was from 2:30-4:30, but we got there around 2:45 so we didn't have a lot of time. When we went to buy our lift tickets I said something along the lines of, "one afternoon delight, please."  Which ultimately led to us getting Twilight passes for the price of Afternoon passes which goes until 9 pm.  I'm not gonna forget that line if it gets me things.  

Since this was my first time boarding this year, I was a little nervous.  The only reason behind that would be getting off the chair lifts.  If we go back to this time last year,  you would remember that I took one heck of a spill off the lift when I went alone.  I hurt my knee so bad, the doc was convinced I tore my ACL and needed surgery immediately.  Of course, he was wrong with the ACL part, but certainly wasn't wrong with the horrendous sprain.  It took a couple months before I was able to board again, but ever since then I haven't had the confidence to get off a lift alone.  It didn't take us long to realize the only problem with my lift-exiting problem was that I can't work the stomp pad correctly.  (For those of you who don't snowboard, the stomp pad is a rubbery pad on the inside of your binding that you stand on when your foot isn't strapped in.  Usually when you are getting on and off the lifts.)  So we figured out if I just strapped my foot in while we were on the lift, then I could get off just fine.  But, I was on Landon's board on Saturday and the bindings are different, preventing us from being able to strap me in.  So our first ride up was a little nerve racking for me.  Here is a little vlog about that ride:

I probably would have stuck the landing of little Jayden there hadn't decided to turn in front of me.  But after a little practice, we got our system down and I was getting off the lift like a champ by the end of the night.  

It's killing me now that I don't have a season pass this year.  I wasn't so bummed about it when we didn't have any snow, but it just continues to dump on us and I have to sit in the valley and just dream about the pow-pow action up in the mountains.  I'm hoping I will at least get to go a few more times this season.  Even if I have to drop the "Afternoon Delight" line again.

Hope you all have a great Monday.  I know I will, even though my legs are so sore I can barely walk.

Feline Friday

Due to this horrible inversion that has been going on for the last few weeks the air here in Utah has been deemed "toxic." So I am using that as an excuse for only putting a slight effort into blogging today.  But I feel as though you will understand seeing as I am basically breathing poison.  So enjoy some cat pictures and have an awesome Friday and weekend!!
 photo funny-gif-cat-paw-girl_zps578f5c8a.gif

 photo 99_zps5afc5e39.gif

 photo funny-gif-cat-costume-bee_zps00a42f03.gif

Crater Dive

So on the commute to work this morning it was icing. Not snowing and not raining, but if you hit 40 MPH your windshield becomes a sheet of ice your defroster has no business being up against. So if you are in Utah, be safe and stay out of the 80 car pile ups out there.

Last night I almost completely forgot about the deep freeze we have been in for the last two months when I went Scuba diving with my dad and sister. And now you're thinking, "wait, you're in Utah, there is no sign of an ocean anywhere near you, where would you have gone Scuba diving?" Well, I will tell you. 

In a crater.

A very rare crater that is about 68 feet deep and stays at a sizzling 97 degrees year round.  A crater that people from all over the world to see and was even featured on the Bachelor last season with Ugly Ben.
I hated him.

My sister and dad got Scuba certified over the last few weeks and invited me to come on their last dive.  So I did. And it was a nice little refresher considering I haven't been diving since a dive trip I went on right after Landon kissed me for the first time.  And I remember being so excited for that trip and then he finally made a move and I was a basket case the whole trip because I thought Landon would forget he liked me while I was gone for four days.  Ah, to be insecure again.... But I digress, we had a great time last night.  I tried to snap a few pictures before we got in the water, but it's so steamy in there you can hardly see much in photos.

This is the outside and the inside views of the crater:

Looking up and looking down.  There is a big hole in the top, and you still can't see very far down because it is so dark.
Before and after the dive
                    And just about to jump in, don't ask me why I appear to be holding a doobie.

We had a lot of fun and now that they are certified I need to convince someone to take us on another dive trip. I vote Cancun.

Vlogging Yearbooks

This is in response to Alissa's Vlog regarding her yearbook. Only, my yearbook is at my parent's house, so we judged everyone who signed Landon's.  Enjoy.
(please disregard my after-work hairdo. Like, just disregard it.)

You know you want to blog about y'all's yearbooks now, right? Do it.

Would You Fall Down Stairs on Purpose to Get More Time with Sean?

So last night, to be able to catch the Bachelor on time, I had to go double time at the gym. I was running so hard I almost lost it on the tread mill.  And followed it up by an elliptical sesh that could have killed an 24 year old plow horse.  Did I just compare myself to a plow horse? Yes. Yes I did.

But- I did manage to make elliptical time more enjoyable by playing doodle jump while working out.  The dude next to me was awkwardly watching over my shoulder as and cheered for me when I got the jet pack.  It got weird so I shut down the multi-tasking.  Plus, it was time to get home to watch the Bachelor.

The episode started with Lindsay M. getting a one-on-one date with Sean where they broke the Guinness Book of World Record's longest on-screen kiss.  Which was a whopping 3 minutes and 16 seconds.  Maybe if they were in the back of the limo or in the hot tub like the other one-on-ones this would be ok.  But no, it's in front of a whole crowd in the middle of Hollywood where random strangers are cheering them on.

They might as well get the award for "The Most Awkward 3 Minute and 16 second Long Kiss."  You know, since we're just handing out world records here.  The date ended with Lindsay M. getting the rose and more private make out sesh.  I'll admit, I don't totally hate Lindsay M.

Speaking of girls I hate this season, which is basically all of them with the exception of Sarah with One Arm, but I mean come on, I think Sean "The Abs" Lowe got cheated this season.  Especially with Miss Tierra who throws herself down stairs to steal dates from other girls. What a hag.

too bad she didn't push herself down the stairs at the beginning of the season, then she could have an explanation behind the weird dent in her forehead.  The sneak peek into next week justifies the madness that is Tierra.  And it looks like a bunch of girls are about to tell on her.

Speaking of tattling:  Let us talk about Kacie B. sticking her nose into the lamest piece of "almost drama" in the entire show that results in her getting voted of Estrogen Island, shall we?  Ok, we can all agree that Amanda (the one who wore that really ugly yellow dress that one time) is weird and kind of spacey like she might be high a lot.  And sure, if Dez has a problem with her then let them deal with it.  Not only did he send Kacie B. home, but he friendzoned her right before he closed the limo door.  Shoulda stayed out of it Kacie B.  Ah well, see you on the next Bachelor, amiright?

We also lost the Ford Model who cried harder when she lost the volleyball game in the group date than when she didn't get a rose in the rose ceremony. And Tarynn, who I didn't even know was still on the show still.

And then there were 13....
tune in next week when all of their cycles synchronize and Sean is swallowed up in a sea of PMS lava.

No Holiday for Me

I don't really know what I want say about this weekend.  It was fun? I was packed with activities? Landon got spoiled silly? I'm so tired I could throw up? yes. All of the above.  But birthday boy has moved on with his life and has a stash of cash the size of my face and is searching searching for the perfect hand gun to buy with his fund.

We went to the Auto Expo on Saturday where Land Shark was able to show off his ridiculous amounts of knowledge about cars.  I love to see the kid so completely in his element, and I actually learn quite a lot about cars when I go to these things with him.  We kind of powered through it this year because Skyler wanted to hit up Scheels before they closed.  And we love Scheels, so there was no arguing that.  And I was able to help redecorate the place free of charge.

It didn't even take two seconds for people to start getting really freaked out.  It was priceless.  Then we went up to my family's house and spent Sunday up there.  Where I planned on making a vlog, but it didn't happen, because again, I have nothing to say.  But I do want to make another one, so if there is anything you want to hear me ramble on about, seriously, tell me.  If you say, "do the cinnamon challenge" I'll probably punch you through the internet. Just a fair warning on that one.  Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend.  And I hope most of you are enjoying an awesome day off.  I am not because we trade MLK day for the 24th of July around these parts.  Ah well.

Have a good Monday everyone!

More Birthday.

The only pictures I got from Land Shark's birthday yesterday were these:
Is it me, or does it look like my foundation is 3 shades too dark?  I swear it doesn't look like that in real life.  Oh and Landon is trying to kill me with his eyes.  As you can see, I am bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:45 in the morning, Landon on the other hand has only been asleep for three hours, so... his birthday probably would have been better if I had just let him sleep.  I just wanted to see his face when he saw his birthday bucket!
Even though it's in a basket, it is the "Birthday Bucket" not "Basket" I just don't have a bucket currently.  Growing up my mom always filled our birthday buckets with our favorite things.  So for Land Shark he got his dried coconut, Kettle Cooked Salt and Vinegar chips, Sour Patch Kids, Soda Stream flavors, Mountain Dew and some dude shampoos.  Also, I slaved over those cheese cake cookie bars all night on Tuesday because Landon doesn't like cake, but he has a love affair with those cheese cake bars.  I'm not even allowed to have one.  That's a lie, I choose not to because I don't like them.  By all accounts, it doesn't make sense.... graham cracker crust? good. cheese cake middle? good. chocolate chip cookie top? gooood.  So why don't I like them? It remains a mystery.

We went to dinner with his family where he got the last Wheel of Time book that has been signed by the author and his editors and I got an invite to this year's MSHA refresher.
Even though it sounded like I had fun last time, it's a pretty brutal day.  At least it's still a month away.

Anyhooters, happy birthday Landy, and happy Friday to everyone else.

Happy Birthdays and Miracles

It is Land Shark's birthday today.  He is the big 2-6 and in his opinion the beginning of him "hating birthdays."  Something about, he isn't on his parent's insurance any more.  And apparently it's all downhill from here. But I'm happy it's his birthday cause I can spoil him and let him know how much his 26 year old self means to me.

But last night at about 7:30 I realized I forgot the most important part of his Birthday Bucket.  His dried coconut that he loves to much.  And it's only sold at Costco and Costco closes at 8:00 pm.  So I had thirty minutes to drive into the next town and get his coconut.  When I got to Costco ten minutes before they closed, I walked up to the door and suddenly realized I was wearing the ugliest outfit I could have ever put together.  I was wearing my purple VS Pink sweats, a Villopoto shirt from last year's Supercross, a battered Fox hoodie and my old man Globe shoes.  I was so ashamed of myself for leaving the house that way.

But- I got the dried coconut which means my better half is going to have a good first bad birthday.

On a completely separate note, I have stopped getting my shellac nails done (super sad face) because $80 a month on fingernails is unheard of around here, so I got them removed last week.  I had completely forgotten that right before I started getting them done I broke my nail.  But, I didn't break it horizontally, I split it right in the middle.  After five months it still hasn't grown out.  It has been catching on EVERYTHING and I literally cleaned out the fingertip bandages at work because I couldn't accomplish anything.  But- yesterday I played God and repaired my fingernail by putting silk (whaaa?) on it.  I still don't really know how it works, but it did.  And now my fingernail is sold and not catching on anything. Miracle worker here.  Now I can save the fingertip bandages for when I actually hurt myself.  Like when I burn myself at work.


Trust Fall: Trust No One

This is my favorite thing this week.  I laugh harder every time I watch it.


Speaking of Trust Falls, my sister and I always get a kick outta this vid.

Don't trust a hoe, don't trust a hoe. Don't trust a hoe,
Don't trust me.

Did I just quote 3OH!3...?

Bachelor Recap: This One Sucked.

I'll be honest.  I don't really want to do a recap on the Bachelor today because A. I thought it started at 7 and it started at 6 so I missed like the first 45 minutes.  And B. Diana from Utah got voted off Estrogen Island already.  She was cute.  But apparently not interesting enough for this season.  She had some big Utah shoes to fill what with following after Jef with One F, Douche Bag Bentley and Michelle Money.

Is it sad that I can go back that far?

So here is my recap.

Diana got dumped and creepy, sneering Amanda who was wearing THEE ugliest dress and, AND her hair looked like it was singed over a large flame was given a rose.


Good question Jef with One F.
I blame the producers on this one.

The only highlight of last night's episode for me was when I get to say,
"Ladies...Sean...This is the final rose tonight.  Whenever you're ready..."  Along with Chris Harrison.

He's such a tool.

Weekend Update: I Only Care About Animals

It snowed. All weekend.  Don't believe me? Ask my dog.
This left side is him on all fours.  The right is him jumping up to see where he was going.  There were paths made for him over and over because the snow just kept coming.
This was only on Saturday, it kept coming down.  And since it's been so cold lately, Mr. Selleck has been coming straight over to my apartment whenever his "owners" put him outside.  It also may have to do with the fact that I feed him a lot of turkey every time he comes over.

Whatever his reasons for coming over are, I don't mind.  And he is getting more and more adventurous every time he steps through the door.  He really likes our TV cabinet.   And he is also mesmerized by the tree that has yet to be put away.  I like it because I can get out into the living room without breaking a toe on the couch because I can't see.

And then yesterday was spent with this very, very adorable face.

Don't let those innocent chocolate chip eyes fool you.  He is one hormonal puppy who won't get off my leg.  It's like, "Come on,  at least buy me dinner first."

And that was all I did this weekend.  I also did some scheming for Landshark's up and coming B-day this Thursday.  It's the big 2-6.  He's not really excited.

Have a tolerable Monday everyone.


I love you guys. 

I have a snow day today, so I am heading back to bed.
happy friday.

Nailed It.

A gal I work with and I made some cup cakes for a co-worker of ours who is turning 50 this weekend. So of course, we made fifty cupcakes to bring to work today.  Even though there is only six of us who work there.  #operationfatpants  Anyway, the guy we brought them for LOVES the Grateful Dead, so I tried to make a Grateful Dead cupcake.  The first attempt didn't go so well.

Nailed it. 
The second attempt went a little better, but it just looks like a sad, demented little Grateful Dead skull. haha After that I stuck with basic decor and ultimately I just decided I'm not meant to be a cupcake artist.  I will stick to music and writing.  There goes my life long dream of being on Cup Cake Wars.  Who am I kidding? I'm not even 100% sure that is a real tv show. ok I googled "Cup Cake Wars" and this came up.  Which  I doubt the show is about, but if it was, I would probably go out of my way to watch it like I do with the Bachelor/ette.

Happy Thursday Poodles.

Why I Love My Work: Pranks

The day before my 2 week vacation from work, a fellow co-worker and I decided we needed to play a little prank on our boss.  We covered his office floor with about five hundred cups of water.
I did this prank once to an old boyfriend, I believe I explained the relationship between him and me once on this blog, I won't go through it again because there is still a lot of angst there, just know that how it ended was with his name permanently becoming Douche Bag Chris. But I digress...  We had lots of fun spending our last day of the year at work covering the floor with these little cups that I didn't realize at all the immense amount of guilt that would tear me apart over the break. I'm talking, waking up at least once over a nightmare about the cups in his office.  I felt like such a little pansy.  There was a time in my life when I lived for prank wars.  I'm just a big softy now.
This Monday was my boss's first day back from his vacay and I was feeling serious pranker's remorse.  When I was driving to work I was suddenly in stand still traffic due to an accident on the interstate.  I sent my boss a quick text letting him know I'd be late.  He texted me right back saying, 

"Roger that.  If you get thirsty, let me know and I will bring you a cup of water."

I got laughing so hard in my truck in that traffic jam.  He totally took it like a champ.  And he got me back by sicking a mouse on me.  Ok, so he didn't sick it on me, but he let it out of the closet and it chased me into the next room where I literally used another co-worker's face to climb up on her desk screaming like a little girl.

this is why I love my job.

Bachelor Recap!!!

I found a website that I was able to watch the Bachelor on last night instead of waiting til tonight to watch it on Hulu and have to avoid all forms of social media until I could.  So I am glad to be on the same page as everyone else this morning.  I just want to share with you the thoughts I voiced to Landon while I watched the show:

1.She has the crazy eyes
2.Teach him yoga the first time you met? You might as well have gotten out of the limo naked. Slut.
3.Fifty Shades of CRAY!! look at his face, he’s terrified
4.Annnnd she didn’t stick the landing…. That was awkward.
5.Oh Honey spit out the gum
6.I’d probably kiss her. And so would he. giving her a rose. What a hunk.
7.Those girls are gonna freak out. They’re freaking out….
8.Nothing says awkward like forcing an awkward moment on someone.
9.She has Ke$ha hair.
10.She talks like Kourtney Kardashian. Wait is she the girl with only one arm?  Now I feel bad.
11.Diana! I’m totally Facebook friends with her. I don’t know her, but she added me so I like her already.
12.Is that Nicole Richie?
13."I'm gonna pee my pants." Is it bad if I genuinely hope she does.
14.Whoever introduces herself as Barbie is automatically a hoe.
15.No no NO!! A wedding dress. And she kissed him on the lips….and she told him she has balls.
16.Oooooh!!! I remember Kacie B. I liked her! The girls are all gonna freak out again.  They’re freaking out.
17.My Money is on the poker dealer snapping first.
18.Don’t say she had her chance with Ben. Ben sucked. Royally.
19.Annnd Selma is drunk.
20.Fifty Shades of Cray has no Business judging the girl in the wedding dress. I do, though.
21.Would it be politically incorrect to not give the one armed girl a rose?  I would just feel bad.
22.Pahahah Barbie didn’t get a rose. Hoe.
23.Now the girl in the wedding dress is feeling some buyer's remorse.
24.She should ditch the wedding bit…. Be normal be normal!! Be sober... be sober...
25.He doesn’t get her Jokes. And you didn’t get his rose. This is uncomfortable.
26.Fifty Shades of Cray is about to rape him. Run Sean, RUN!
28.Everybody hates Kacie. Even I kind of hate Kacie.
29.Every sneak peek of the next episode has a shot of the Bachelor leaning over a balcony looking very melancholy at the rose. Never fails.
30.Fifty Shades of Cray just called herself Barbie. Hoe.

on my favorite morning show I listen to every morning, they are always dogging on Sean.  They think he is going to be boring.  But I say who cares if we are looking at this for two hours every Monday night.
Yeah... that's not boring.

At the end of the episode my favorite girl was the one with one arm.  She just had a little more substance to her. Plus she was hot.  If she had two arms, none of the other girls would stand a chance.

Photo Dump: eShakti Edition

Alright you guys, I have been really excited to write this post.  A few weeks ago, right before Christmas I believe, I was contacted by the website because they wanted me to do a product review for them.  eShakti is this awesome website that has some of the most adorable dresses I have ever seen.  They have shirts and skirts and cardigans as well, but I was especially drawn to the dresses.  I was really excited to choose a product and do a review on it, but what I want to review first here is the process of ordering the dress in the first place.  

You all know that I'm a whopping six feet tall and big boobs, I swear I just have the weirdest body type ever, which is why I am always so hesitant to order clothes online.  I just don't trust it if I can't try it on, but this website lets you CUSTOM ORDER your size.  Can I say that again, I CUSTOMIZED the size of the dress.  I was able to put in my height and specific sizes and choose where I wanted it to come to on my knees, arms and my neckline.  AKA this dress was literally made for me.  I was so stoked for it to come.  I got in in the mail just a few days after I ordered it and I couldn't wait to try it on.  And when I did, I can honestly tell you I have never had a dress fit me as well as this one.  Here is the proof.

First of all, can we focus on the neckline?  I love it when I find a neckline that is low enough to be a little sexy, but not so low that either the girls are laid on on a platter or I have to wear a tank under it.
The sleeves, I had the option to have cap sleeves, the style they are in the photo or 3/4 length.  I just loved all the options I had to make it as perfect for me as possible.

Did I mention it has pockets? It has pockets.

 classic bunhead sock bun and "look at the feet" blogger photo.
Now I want to draw your attention to the length.  I have NEVER found a dress that has just perfectly come to my knees.  It's either Mini Skirt Barbie or mid calf tunic, but when I put my height in and then requested knee length, I got exactly what I asked for.

Remember how much I have been complaining about how cold it is? No exception today.  We were freezing. ha!

Boots: Target
 Boot Socks: sleeves I cut off from an old sweater from Savers

Awww. sisters.

I'm serious you guys, best experience I have had shopping for myself online and I am so happy with the dress.  I wore it all around on Sunday and just felt like a million bucks.  Thanks to for the product sample and for just being an all around awesome website.  I give it five stars and definitely recommend them. 

oh, and here is the behind the scenes of the of the cut-off-sweater-sleeve-boot-socks. rad, right? 

**Photo Credit** Tracie Border
thanks mom!

Friday Rants

Instead of the traditional Friday's Letters post, I have a few rants I'd like to get off my chest. So here we go with the first of Friday's Rants.

Dear Utah:
Not cool man, not cool.

Dear work,
While I am glad to be back, you really suck for requiring me to wake up at 5:00 in the morning.

Dear Brick Pizza,
I respect you and your ambition even though when I go your restaurant nobody is ever there. And I also respect you for ripping off all the recipes from The Brick Oven. And also sort of ripping off their name. BUT- when I come to get food at 9:00 pm and you're not open? That sort of pisses me off.
Dear Pizza Factory,
See above complaint. Except your REALLY popular, so you have no business being closed at 9:00 pm. And that legitimately pisses me off. And I don't respect you.

Dear Arby's:
You should start serving pizza. For when I want some on a Thursday night at 9:00 and everyone else is closed.

I realize most of these rants are about food.  But that's because I'm having a hanger hangover. Also, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Annnd the -2 degrees puts me in a mood.
hey, at least it's Friday.
I am happy about that.

Vacation's Over, Boys...

Alright, it's official, my blog hiatus is over and you can expect (though you probably shouldn't) regular posts from me from here on out.  I wish I could give you the juicy deets from our New Year's Eve, but sadly there were none.  Landshark and I stayed home because it was snowing and our original plans were up in Layton and we didn't want to have to brave the roads at 1 am.  Oh, and the best part? To keep ourselves busy until midnight we started taking online IQ tests. That's just how cray cray it was getting up in hurr. And then I fell asleep ten minutes to midnight and woke up at about 12:15 way more pissed than I should have been that I didn't get to celebrate the New Year and make resolutions.  And then I promptly feel back asleep.  Which I think is how I subconsciously felt about New Year's Resolutions anyway.

So yeah, that was our New Year's. Pretty lame. But it was cozy and it was nice not having to drive anywhere. We'll do better in 2014 though, especially because we will have a new addition to the Street family!
You read me right, I'm pregnant!!

Ok, I'm really not. But I was scared for like, a day that I was.  So now my only resolution this year is to NOT get pregnant. and hang out with friends more. There. Those are two very reasonable goals for the upcoming year. Ones that I feel like I can stick to. I was going to give up pop for the year too, but then Landshark bought us a SodaStream so I said sayonara to that idea real quick.

It was a nice vacation, but honestly, I'm really excited to be going back to work.  I was coming down with a major case of cabin fever.  Especially because Christmas broke the bank and we literally have no money until next week. ha! So yes, back to work and I'm pretty happy about it.

But let us look back on some of the best parts of 2012, you know, for old time's sake...

good times, goo-hood times.
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