Crater Dive

So on the commute to work this morning it was icing. Not snowing and not raining, but if you hit 40 MPH your windshield becomes a sheet of ice your defroster has no business being up against. So if you are in Utah, be safe and stay out of the 80 car pile ups out there.

Last night I almost completely forgot about the deep freeze we have been in for the last two months when I went Scuba diving with my dad and sister. And now you're thinking, "wait, you're in Utah, there is no sign of an ocean anywhere near you, where would you have gone Scuba diving?" Well, I will tell you. 

In a crater.

A very rare crater that is about 68 feet deep and stays at a sizzling 97 degrees year round.  A crater that people from all over the world to see and was even featured on the Bachelor last season with Ugly Ben.
I hated him.

My sister and dad got Scuba certified over the last few weeks and invited me to come on their last dive.  So I did. And it was a nice little refresher considering I haven't been diving since a dive trip I went on right after Landon kissed me for the first time.  And I remember being so excited for that trip and then he finally made a move and I was a basket case the whole trip because I thought Landon would forget he liked me while I was gone for four days.  Ah, to be insecure again.... But I digress, we had a great time last night.  I tried to snap a few pictures before we got in the water, but it's so steamy in there you can hardly see much in photos.

This is the outside and the inside views of the crater:

Looking up and looking down.  There is a big hole in the top, and you still can't see very far down because it is so dark.
Before and after the dive
                    And just about to jump in, don't ask me why I appear to be holding a doobie.

We had a lot of fun and now that they are certified I need to convince someone to take us on another dive trip. I vote Cancun.


  1. I am fascinated by this. There isn't anything even close to as cool as this near me.

    You totally do look like you're holding a doobie and I love every second of it.

    I'm going to Cancun with you!

  2. I think I would be scared of this crater diving! I love being in the water but really really dark water kiiiiiiinda freaks me out.

  3. I really love caves, so I thump something like this sounds amazing. I'm glad you got over your insecurity about how Landon feels about you


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