Feline Friday

Due to this horrible inversion that has been going on for the last few weeks the air here in Utah has been deemed "toxic." So I am using that as an excuse for only putting a slight effort into blogging today.  But I feel as though you will understand seeing as I am basically breathing poison.  So enjoy some cat pictures and have an awesome Friday and weekend!!
 photo funny-gif-cat-paw-girl_zps578f5c8a.gif

 photo 99_zps5afc5e39.gif

 photo funny-gif-cat-costume-bee_zps00a42f03.gif


  1. I'm a sucker for cat pictures/gifs. Looking at them is my favorite thing to do on Pinterest.

    Yep. I'll admit it.

    Kidnap Tom this weekend and take some more pictures of him :)

  2. THE BEE MEOWW! I don't understand how people catch these great moments. Its like they are constantly videoing the damn cats. Maybe I take one million pictures, but she NEVER cooperates for videos :-(

  3. This is perfect!!

    I hope the poison air doesn't kill you!

  4. The Kid just saw this and we both laughed at the bumble cat. You know they have fainting goats maybe this was a fainting cat.

  5. Cat pictures are almost as good as pictures of babies and labs. You just brightened my "my youtube video took 2 hours to flippin' load" mood. Maybe the toxic air is good for something?


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