Happy Birthdays and Miracles

It is Land Shark's birthday today.  He is the big 2-6 and in his opinion the beginning of him "hating birthdays."  Something about, he isn't on his parent's insurance any more.  And apparently it's all downhill from here. But I'm happy it's his birthday cause I can spoil him and let him know how much his 26 year old self means to me.

But last night at about 7:30 I realized I forgot the most important part of his Birthday Bucket.  His dried coconut that he loves to much.  And it's only sold at Costco and Costco closes at 8:00 pm.  So I had thirty minutes to drive into the next town and get his coconut.  When I got to Costco ten minutes before they closed, I walked up to the door and suddenly realized I was wearing the ugliest outfit I could have ever put together.  I was wearing my purple VS Pink sweats, a Villopoto shirt from last year's Supercross, a battered Fox hoodie and my old man Globe shoes.  I was so ashamed of myself for leaving the house that way.

But- I got the dried coconut which means my better half is going to have a good first bad birthday.

On a completely separate note, I have stopped getting my shellac nails done (super sad face) because $80 a month on fingernails is unheard of around here, so I got them removed last week.  I had completely forgotten that right before I started getting them done I broke my nail.  But, I didn't break it horizontally, I split it right in the middle.  After five months it still hasn't grown out.  It has been catching on EVERYTHING and I literally cleaned out the fingertip bandages at work because I couldn't accomplish anything.  But- yesterday I played God and repaired my fingernail by putting silk (whaaa?) on it.  I still don't really know how it works, but it did.  And now my fingernail is sold and not catching on anything. Miracle worker here.  Now I can save the fingertip bandages for when I actually hurt myself.  Like when I burn myself at work.



  1. I burned the shit out of my hand yesterday morning with the curling iron...like I have a small 3rd degree burn on my hand.

  2. Ouuuuuuuchhhh...thinking about your nail catching on everything gave me the chills, but I'm glad you were able to fix it.

    Did I tell you I did the math for my fake nails? Like $800-900 each year I had them on, depending on how often I had them filled. INSANE

    Now I'm going to send you funky nail polish colors.

  3. Tell him 26 isn't really too bad. Ammon turned 29 this year, and he will tell anyone that 29 is much worse. But happy birthday to your Landshark! And I laughed out loud about your outfit. I would wear it.

  4. I get the shellac and I know it's so expensive but I just love it! It's my one splurge so I don't feel too bad about it.

  5. any birthday is do-able with an ashton kutcher gif.

    also, i'm stealing your basket idea for valentine's day. it's genius.

  6. Ahhh I love shellac, but alas, I am too poor/cheap to get it. But it's sooo PRETTY!


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