No Holiday for Me

I don't really know what I want say about this weekend.  It was fun? I was packed with activities? Landon got spoiled silly? I'm so tired I could throw up? yes. All of the above.  But birthday boy has moved on with his life and has a stash of cash the size of my face and is searching searching for the perfect hand gun to buy with his fund.

We went to the Auto Expo on Saturday where Land Shark was able to show off his ridiculous amounts of knowledge about cars.  I love to see the kid so completely in his element, and I actually learn quite a lot about cars when I go to these things with him.  We kind of powered through it this year because Skyler wanted to hit up Scheels before they closed.  And we love Scheels, so there was no arguing that.  And I was able to help redecorate the place free of charge.

It didn't even take two seconds for people to start getting really freaked out.  It was priceless.  Then we went up to my family's house and spent Sunday up there.  Where I planned on making a vlog, but it didn't happen, because again, I have nothing to say.  But I do want to make another one, so if there is anything you want to hear me ramble on about, seriously, tell me.  If you say, "do the cinnamon challenge" I'll probably punch you through the internet. Just a fair warning on that one.  Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend.  And I hope most of you are enjoying an awesome day off.  I am not because we trade MLK day for the 24th of July around these parts.  Ah well.

Have a good Monday everyone!


  1. Bahahaha. I like your prank. That would be some fun shit.

  2. You should definitely do a vlog! I don't what about, but I'd like to watch it, anyway. :p

  3. What about a Vishy water challenge?

  4. But actually, hold on.. the cinnamon challenge would actually be way hilarious. there's no doubt about that. and it would catch everyone off guard since you pretty much just said you wouldn't do it.. I say do it. I'll take an punch in the face through the internet for it :)

  5. OK stupid question what's the 24th of July? Mormon holiday? :)

  6. The 24th of July? Random. I dig it.

  7. What about the gallon of milk thing? You could do that... Except who wants to watch you drink milk for an hour?

  8. i say that only because i've done it and survived. not because i want you to do it.
    it was hell on earth, i tell you.

    1. you only say that because I had a hand in getting you to do it the first time and now you want me to experience the pain you went through.

      I see what you're up to Jolley, don't think you can pull the wool over my eyes.


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